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  1. " I'm warning you if you speak out against the weather god again I'll........(stone smashes against his head)


    "Right! Who threw that?"................"C'mon, who threw that???"


    "she did, she did,....HE DID, HE DID, HIM, HIM!!!!"



    "No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle, is that clear???





  2. I am also the proud owner of an all singing all dancing LED tv too, and my god they are good aren't they??? The best cash I've spent in quite some time.


    The show Planet Earth in HD on an LED tv is just the best thing ever!


    Congratulations on your purchase Ghost :thumbsup:


    As for Torchwood, I'm with Ursus on this one, I've never been a fan of Dr Who so I never felt the need to watch Torchwood either.

  3. Ha ha now you've got a black eye you might aswell grab yourself a bottle of cheap cider from the off license and mosey on down to the park, find yourself a nice comfy bench and then drink the night away and put the world to rights like the rest of the black eye sporting Swindonites!!! :lol:


    Oh and by the way Pippa really does have a lovely rear end!! :yes:

  4. It's ridiculous that somebody like yourself who is quite clearly determined to get back to work and trying their hardest to make it happen has to put up with shit like that but yet some bone idle scrounger out there who has absolutely no intention of lifting a finger to earn a living for themselves and will quite happily sit at home claiming all the benefits they can will probably get the opportunity of work thrown at them all the time, believe me I know a few people just like that who are always ducking and diving to avoid working for a living!


    It makes me sick, I can't begin to imagine how it makes you feel!!!:(



  5. In all honesty I'm not really that bothered about the Royal wedding either, what I am bothered about though is the day off work and the street party that we are having. It's a good excuse to get all the neighbours out and have a good drink and party! Just hope the good old British weather holds out or the day could end up being a complete wash out!!


    Re the NHL play offs, this could well be the Sharks year Doc! Your boys have a really good chance of making the final this year, especially if the Blackhawks do the unthinkable and come back from 3 down against the Canucks who lets be honest were looking pretty much unstoppable until recently.





  6. Sorry guys I've got to disagree with you. I think Formula 1 is great entertainment. The Chinese GP was especially good, a great start, some nice over taking moves, a laughable error by Jenson Button, and a win for Lewis Hamilton not to mention the amazing drive from Mark Webber, starting 18th on the grid, dropping down to 20th then battling his way through the field to overtake button on the last lap to take third place and earn himself a deserved place on the podium. Now there's no way you can call that dull is there??


    The skill and concentration required to even finish a Grand Prix let alone win one is remarkable. not to mention the technology involved. IMO it's by far the best motorsport around!

  7. Re the foriegn delivery, a couple of years ago I was working in Madrid I was in my van with English plates taking a delivery from a van from Hannover in Germany!!


    It gets better!! I was installing signs for Lexus which is owned by Toyota which is Japanese, so an English firm was in Span installing signs made in Germany for a Japenese company !!


    Figure that one out? :unsure:


    I wasn't compaining though!!B)