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  1. Thanks Primuspilus But one small thing caught my eye: Actually, Galatia (region around Ankara) and Hatti were two different areas separated by the K
  2. Centurion

    Where Would You Like To Live?

    I'm happy from my place but maybe I would buy houses in different areas and spend some time there too.
  3. Centurion


    I must say I liked King Arthur a lot. The battle scenes were very impressive IMO, especially when only 7 cataphracts supported with Celtic archers destroyed a Saxon infantry division. The battle-over-ice scene was quiet impressive too. However, there were a few things that caught my attention: - Where were the Sarmatians' lances? What is a cataphract without a lance? - I thought crossbows weren't used in Europe until the late 11th century (there were only two Genoese crossbowmen even at the battle of Hastings in October 14 1066), the arbalests the Saxons used in the movie were even an improved version not seen until the High Middle Ages. - Wasn't the legion system abolished in the early 4th century? - To my knowledge, the Romans had already withdrawn from Britain by 400 AD. - Were there independent Briton tribes in Britain by the mid 5th century? Shouldn't those "Britons" be Picts who kept raiding the Hadrianus' Wall in real history? - AFAIK Sarmatians serving to the Roman Empire were born and raised inside the Empire, they weren't all taken from the Steppes, raised in the empire and released back to Sarmatia.
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    Poll: Why Are You Interested In Rome?

    I've been interested on the Roman military most but my interest on Rome started when I was 3 or 4 years old.
  5. Thanks primuspilus If possible, could you please post your work on Galatia?
  6. Salvete, I'm Centurion (real name ihsan -not ishan-) from Ankara (Ancyra-Galatia), Turkey I'm 18 years old, gonna be 19 soon; I'm a student at the Department of History in the Hacettepe University. I was invited to this forum by Valens. My main areas of interest in history are the Steppes-Central Asia (especially the Tujue/G