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    shooting my english war bow,ww2,roman legions,the 100years war,reading historical fiction,painting,photography and music. in that order.lol
  1. longbow

    Norse influence on English

    There's a waterfall called 'High Force' in Durham. We have a boat in the North East called a Coble,they are of Norse design (beach landers) is Coble a Scandanavian word?
  2. longbow

    Norse influence on English

    Thank's for that,we also call streams 'Becks' .
  3. longbow

    Norse influence on English

    This Link has an extensive list of the Saxon,Norse and Brythonic place names in the North. What do the Norse call Streams?we call them Burns up here,is it a Norse word?
  4. longbow

    Birthday Hails to The Augusta!

    Happy birthday,have a good un!
  5. longbow

    What did the Vikings do for us?

    Havent had time to read the thread but if it hasnt allready been mentioned,the Viking's gave us a trading network the envy of the Europe, which eventually made the Saxon Aenglish a very rich people. pax
  6. longbow

    Birthday Salutations Longbow!

    Nephele,Breagh Winslow looks like my kind of lady thanks! Thanks for the kind words folks! Andy
  7. longbow

    Tudor War Arrows

    The Horn nock. The head. A new Towton head and a swept out type 16 from Hector Cole. Both these heads are new discoveries,the type 16 used to have closed wing's but this is now believed to have been a mistake,the heads found had closed wings but thats what happens when you shoot outswept wings through armour . Type 16. Swept out type 16. The new Towton head. Nasty bugger's,i sent the Towton to a friend in America so no piccies of that head on a shaft i'm afraid.I'll post one when he sends me pic's of the arrow he makes with it. Swept out Type 16. 1/2" Poplar shaft with a 3/8 nock. 31.5" from shoulder to nock. 33.7" from tip of head to nock. 8.5" white Swan feathers. 2" Horn insert. Thanks for looking. Pax
  8. longbow

    Tudor War Arrows

    Here's the some of the original arrows,there all 1/2" bobtailed and range from 28 to 34" long,made from Aspen what we now call Poplar wood.It's a strong wood ideal for heavy shafts and it's a great wood for staining,really takes the colour well. Fot comparison here's a pic of my usuall 3/8's shaft and a 1/2"Tudor warshaft. The shaft is Poplar which is bobtailed so the bottom (head) 12" are 1/2" gradually coming down to a 3/8" at the nock end. The heads are Type 9B's hand forged by John Marshall.The original Type 9 arrow head which these medieval points are based on is a Roman point for Balista bolt's. Spec's are, 8.5" Peacock fletch 33" Poplar shaft,1/2" tapered to 3/8" nock. 9b hand forged WarHeads(37.99grms) Red silk Whipping. [
  9. longbow

    Veracity Of Hbos Rome

    The sword in question has a blade shape similar to the Dadao but the weapon has a one handed grip so i would say it's closer to a cheap medieval Falchion sword,not all Falchions had the fancy curve to the tip some of them were just squared off rusty pieces of metal.The blade shape is a common design whats very heavy and good for chopping,it's not a sophisticated weapon by any means,these thing's were used by people who couldnt afford better or didnt want to be there,i'm sure they had those in Rome too with swordsmiths providing accordingly . It's certainly not a weapon used by Gladiators in the games,but the scenes a criminal execution not a matched fight. L
  10. longbow

    Roman Empire Wallmap

    Mine arrived today safe and well,great map! i just need to find a space she'll let me put now . Cheers! longbow
  11. longbow

    The Last Legion (movie)

    The movies now been removed from the site i watched it on,copyright and all that .
  12. longbow

    The Last Legion (movie)

    I enjoyed it more than the travesty that was the 'King Arthur' movie but thats not saying much. I thought Kevin Mckidd was comical as Wulfila,he should stick to Roman roles,Aishwarya Rai however was a joy to watch (wow,she's pretty) , John Hannah is his usual bumbling self,i allways feel an urge to punch him! I liked the look of the Roman costumes but the Germans get the standard Barbarian treatment,plenty of Wolf pelts and even Horns on the helmets! My heart leapt when the Draco's of the 9th Legion came over the Northtumbrian hills only to be dissapointed by the ridiculous way the battle ends just as the Romano Brits get stuck in . The Movie's about as good as the book,rubbish. The Augusta,i sent you a PM.
  13. I understand that Caldrail but speaking from experience of shooting Longbows,Recurve's and Crossbows in dense Forest i would say the Crossbow was the easiest to use, but obviously the downside is the reload time.If your going to use any type of Artillery in those conditions the Manuballista is as good as anything else,except maybe a Indian ambush Bow no bigger than 50" Nock to Nock but i dont think they had any of those . This Deen (we call woods deens were i live) is were i learned to shoot (Poach ),its quite dense in the thick bits and allmost impossible to use a ELB (mines 76") its easier with a shorter recurve but i found a Crossbow to be easiest. Not that i'd use a crossbow through choice,nasty weapon what has no class... L
  14. longbow

    Helmet & Artifacts.

    The British Museum archeologists say its the Bretwalda Raedwald but they base that assumption on the Wetstone being a Sceptre and the Iron grill being a Standard.There's a passage in Bedes history's to suggest a Standard is a symbol of the Bretwaldaship but nothing about the Wetstone being a Sceptre,or if a Bretwalda knew what a Sceptre was. But the 'Standard' in the grave has a iron cage unlike any Vexillum,Signum or Tufa so it may not be a standard. Whoever he was, he was buried between 620-640AD'ish so looking at the East Anglian Kings from the period it could be, Bretwalda Raedwald (624) King Eorpwald (627) King Sigebert (636) King Ecgric (637) Or even Ricberht,a Pagan who killed king Eorpwald in Battle. Bretwwalda Raedwalds son,Raegenhere was killed in Battle in 617 AD. Eni,Bretwalda Raedwalds brother,he was father to four East Anglian kings! Died 630AD. Who Knows?