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    The battle of Leuktra

    Don't know what you're smokin' but the cavalry, although useful, wasn't the key to this battle. I'll let you talk with yourself for the rest of this thread. Enjoy.
  2. Al Amos

    The battle of Leuktra

    "The key to the strategy is cavalry." No. The key was presenting a block of men so great the Spartans could not defeat, and refusing their center and right preventing the Spartan allies the opportunity of defeating them. Once the Spartans were trampled, their allies fled without fighting. al
  3. Al Amos

    The battle of Leuktra

    The Thebans deployed a phalanx 80 shields wide by 50 shields deep. This phalanx was placed on the left facing the Spartans. They had several smaller phalanxes to the right covering the center and right. As they advanced the phalanxes went forward at different times so the left became refused. The Spartan Allies did not reach the Theban army's right until the Spartans themselves had been broken, at which time the Spartan allies left the battlefield.
  4. Al Amos

    Hoplite Charge

    I'm engaged in a discussion as to if hoplites charged/ran into battle. Did hoplites charge/run into battle the last few hundred feet, or not? I believe they did. In his Osprey book "Greek Hoplite 480-323 B.C." Nicholas Sekunda he states they did and called it the epidrome. I believe him. Thanks for any information. al amos
  5. Al Amos

    New blog

    I started a blog. http://albert-amos.blogspot.com/ Hope it goes well. al
  6. Can be purchased from On Military Matters (OMM) http://onmilitarymatters.com/pages/ Looks like 25 issues per CD.
  7. Al Amos

    Five Spartan Villages

    Okay, let's try Corinth. Fred Ray, in his book "Land Battles in 5th Century B.C. Greece" states Corinth was made from the uniting of eight villages. Anyone know the names of these villages? Thanks in advance, al
  8. Al Amos

    Roman Conquests: Italy

    Just got a copy, and enjoy the book immensely. I hope the other books of the series are as good.
  9. OOPS! I found another thread for this topic, sorry. :-)
  10. Al Amos

    Gallic Wars: The Tribunii

    Gallic Wars: The Tribunii The Tribuni is a series of scenarios covering fictitious actions of the tribuni attached to legio VII in 58 B.C. Created for HPS
  11. Al Amos

    Roman Civil Wars

    "Why are you asking? arr you planning to make such a game?" - Inqsoc I am affiliated with a group that is.
  12. Curiosity question: If a person were making a PC game of tactical land combat of the Roman Civil Wars, what battles would you want to be included?
  13. Al Amos

    Five Spartan Villages

    Thanks Romanus, I had posted the same question with the Yahoo Group strategikonhellas. A member, by the first name of Kostas, responded with the following: The Lakedaimonians districts where the citizens "Homoioi" came, were: Konoura, Limnai, Mesoa, Pitana and later Amyklai. The Amykleans would normally be Perioikoi. But they strongly resisted to Dorians and finally the gained the right to be Homoioi (Similars). Perioikoi were most of Pelana and Selasia. After several wars of conquest against their Greek brothers, they added: Messena (most of the Helots), Kynouria, Belminatis and also Skyritis where came the most of their psiloi.
  14. Can anyone supply me with the names of the five Spartan villages (obai)? Thanks in advance. al
  15. Any chance that Hannibal got the idea for his deployment at Cannae from the Greeks deployment at Marathon? Weakened center, reinforced flanks resulting in a double envelopment.