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  1. miguel

    Romance of Three Kingdoms

    What a shame I haven't read ROTR, as a Chinese myself. I have been trying to read the original classical Chinese version but have it put down after finishing the first chapter... Romance of Three Kingdoms, in Cantonese "Sam Kwok Yin Yee", is rather fictional. For a more historical reference to the three kingdoms, there is another Chinese literary called "Sam Kwok Zhi" (the ambition of the three kingdoms). It is shorter than ROTK, more historical, but less fun reading it.
  2. I am not really good at it but I'll try. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I believe the Trojan War did take place. The Lion Gate at Mycenae is said to be built to celebrate Spartan victory over Troy, is it not? Anyway, Homer's wooden horse was probably just a tale, also the story of the beautiful Helen, I presume. *laughs* Looking for more professional ideas.
  3. miguel

    Why is everyone called what they are?

    Here you go: http://www.unrv.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5180
  4. miguel


    Haha. Told you, it's the Chinese guitar. The principle is more or less the same as guitar. If you are interested, there is an article on wiki. It's ok if you're not 'cause it is going ot
  5. 10. Rongorongo Never heard of it. 5. Who Was Robin Hood? What's so mysterious about it? 4. The Lost Roman legion Ah ha! I remember this. Has it been overlooked? I don't think so... Interesting list. Thanks for sharing, Viggen.
  6. miguel


    *deciding whether to put up my hand or not* I play Chinese guitar, called pipa As for 'real' guitar I know only a few chords...
  7. miguel

    Happy birthday, Ingsoc!

    Happy birthday!! Here comes a Cantonese one...(more or less) Sang Yet Fai Lok!!!!
  8. miguel

    Ah, the feeling of summer!

    Well I guess Dracula would see if you blood glucose level is high. CO2 probably won't attract him. Anyway don't forget the cross!!
  9. miguel

    Guess the ancient city!

    Here you go France? Germany? Anyway I am not going to guess this time *lacking of new pictures!*
  10. miguel

    Ah, the feeling of summer!

    sounds terrible Do you have a thingy to kill mosquitos using electricity in your area? That is a somewhat racket-like thing, and when pressing the tiny button at the side electricity will pass through the grid then you can give electric shock to the poor mosquito (and...hmm...smell like char?? )
  11. miguel

    Chinese MAMA and Latin MATER

    Me neither!! Would it be different for cats from different areas? I am thinking of the movement of the lips when pronouncing [m]. Is it similar to that of eating (or chewing or griding - I am not sure) food (say infants eating porridge)?
  12. miguel

    welcome to my freshly created blog!!

    Thank you guys for your replies!! I am so happy to see you leaving comments!! DOR TSE!! I don't think I'll take science in college. Afterall my heart is still belonged to history. Alright. Let's begin with the expression meaning 'this is funny' Laugh die me lah!!! (I am laughing to death) In Cantonese, 'siu sai ngo lah!!'. siu means laugh; sai means die; ngo means I/me; lah is the exclamation. So you can see some Chinglish expressions are translating from Chinese to English literally. Tell me if you want to know more!! Haha. Just seem to find you guys very serious (and scared die me lah!!). Anyway, dor tse for visiting my blog!!
  13. And... Finally. Finally I can create my own blog on UNRV This is soooo heartening!! So, I am given a chance to practise my English writing (that I usually post entries on my blog in Chinese, or Chinglish). And no more silly stuffs from my daily life. Start focusing on history. Yes, history. Whenever I find some interesting articles about Roman history I am going to post them up here. But nobody will visit my blog anyway. My goal is to get improve on my English, to gain knowledge of Rome, and to get good grades in HKCEE (the public examination I will be taking next year). Wish me luck. I have to work on - opps, not history - biology and chemistry. Dor tse (meaning thank you) to those who will be leaving comments and if no one does, then...just let it be.
  14. miguel

    Leading Statesman of the Roman Republic

    This impressive! Thank you MPC!! And I couldn't help giggling when seeing M. Porcius Cato on the list. Julius Caesar is in my mind when I first saw GPM's question. But it turns out that we have to analyse in so many aspects. Anyway, what about Scipio Africanus?
  15. miguel


    There should be more ambushes from the Punic Wars. I just can't recall back my memory. Is it true that the Romans had been using war machines and arrow fire to lead them into an ambush?