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  1. Gaius_Junius_Nero

    Homosexuality destroyed Rome

    Homosexuality was accepted as long as one didn't boast about it. Sort of like America's former DADT policy. There would have never been a gay pride parade in Rome but to say they didn't tolerate homosexuals is say you don't have anything behind your eyes. My friend once told me that he liked me as a gay man because I don't feel the need to flaunt it around, I'm thinking the ancients had a similar deal. As for the fall of Rome, as a person who follows the Gods I can say that christianity led to the fall of Rome. Not directly, and I'm not saying that christians are bad people or anything but consider two things. The first is the theology aspect of it. If the Gods get kicked out of Rome, why would they try to keep it up? If you kicked your mom out of the country, would you expect her to send you money? The second is the academic. christians during that time were very VERY concerned with heaven. Little else mattered and thus, when christians took over the government took second priority to securing a place in heaven.
  2. Gaius_Junius_Nero

    Your Favourite Roman God

    I'm new here and don't want to start anything or break rules, but why are monotheists posting in this board? Isn't there a board for monotheists? Anywho to answer the question: God: Mars without a doubt Goddess: Vesta