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  1. Princeps

    Request a favour

    Excellent! Thankyou very much.
  2. Princeps

    Happy Birthday Augustus Caesar!

    Belated happy returns. Chances are fair that I sank a Broon that day, so all is well.
  3. Princeps

    Request a favour

    Can someone with the second season and some basic technical knowledge do me a favour and get a few screen caps of Antony's tattoo in the final episode? As detailed as possible if you would be so kind, thanks in advance if someone can do this.
  4. Princeps

    Hbo Rome Second Season

    I just watched the final episode and I enjoyed this season more then the last. I thought that the historical accuracy was suspect (as with the first season) and the sexual elements too graphic and frequent, but the drama was more interesting and the cinematography was also better this time.
  5. Princeps

    Top 10 Discoveries of 2006

    I liked the Brazilian Stonehenge the most, but there are several nice discoveries on the list.
  6. Princeps

    Smoking ban in England

    Thank you Ramses! Okay Bacon is chemically altered. Pickles and Saurkraut are too! but Nitrates aren't the point. The point is Trans Fats. Mcdonalds can definitely switch too natural saturated fats with an increase in cost. Similar to how properly FDA inspected meat costs more! I think you are missing "the point". The point is not trans fats, or nitrates, or tobacco, it is oppressive, dictatorial, government control (a less emotive and more accurate definition of fascism than "someone sticking a gun to your head", which is entirely inadequate). I'm still in favour of a ban on smoking.
  7. Princeps

    Smoking ban in England

    I had a discussion about smoking in public on another forum a few days ago. I think it's a tad hypocritical to ban smoking in public but still allow all of the other nasty stuff that adversely affects the health of others (driving being a major thing). As an ex-smoker that occasionally relapses, I am all in favour of this ban. It is usually on a night of drinking that my willpower crumbles and I buy a packet. Doesn't happen too often these days, but hopefully it won't happen again after July.
  8. Princeps

    The All-Time 100 Best Albums

    I guess this is a poll of American music fans or something right? (Hank Williams! Never heard his stuff, but I'd put money on it not being the best album ever). I'm glad to see 'Kid A' in the top tier though. That's the actual best album ever, there's really no room for objectivity either, it's the best (actually, ok computer or the bends could also take that title). Hmm, looking again, it seems there's no actual order of greatness, which is a bit of a cop out to say the least. Ignore my cynicism about Hank Williams, I guessh he has a claim to be on the list. No Morrissey/Smiths, no Damon Albarn, Paul Weller, absolutely no House music at all, and I'm also quite fond of The Killers too. That list is garbage. I've just wasted 2 minutes of my life.
  9. Princeps

    Saddam to hang

    I was also going to chime in on a similar note but decided that it wasn't worth the time it would have taken to form the argument, so thanks to everyone who has done so, suffice to say I agree.
  10. Princeps

    Mistakes In Hbo's Rome

    I think this thread has been done before.
  11. Princeps

    Saddam to hang

    Frankly after personally seeing some of the savagery that animal and his cohorts commited in Iraq and Kuwait in '91 and '03/04 drawing and quartering the SOB over a series of hours would be humane. When you're tending to thousands of Kurdish refugees in shock about losing many in their family and their homes in gas attacks because they couldn't run from their villages fast enough or seeing people dig up bones in a graveyard of 10,000 Shia to identify loved ones killed by Saddam's security forces you tend to lose that glossy idealism about the sanctity of every human life. I would never dream of suggesting that Saddam's life is sacred. My objection to capital punishment has nothing to do with the subject, I'd agree that a lot of people do deserve to die. My objection has more to do with the state of a society that is willing to carry out the execution. But my objections aren't really very strong, I wouldn't be annoyed with anyone that has a different view.
  12. Princeps

    Saddam to hang

    What is the message though? It's either "There's a chance you could end up like this" or "We're animals, this is what we do, it's ok for you to do this too", I think it's the second message.
  13. Princeps

    Saddam to hang

    What do you think of the death penalty? I think it's kind of barbaric myself. Anyway, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang to death. I wonder what the consequences will be.
  14. Princeps

    Worst Roman Punishment?

    I read about a fairly sadistic one in a book about the arena last week. On condemned criminal would be given a sword and put into the arena with an unarmed criminal, it would be his job to pass sentence. The unarmed man would obviously flee until he was run down and stabbed to death. The executioner would then be force to relinquish his weapon, and another condemned man would take the weapon, at which point the process would begin again. This was obviously more entertaining some standard executions. I thought it seemed quite sadistic for some reason, even compared to other rather more grizzly methods of execution.
  15. Princeps

    What Profession?

    A catamite? No, but seriously, possibly a slave trader.