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  1. Ok what i want to know is who captured Constantinople and ended the byzantine Empire? I origionally thought it wasthe turks. Then recent readings said that the crusaders in the 4th crusade did it. So who captured Constantinople and ended the empire. Second question: What happened in Greece after the fall of the capitol?
  2. In the recently released game Medieval Total war II the Byzantine Empire has that symbol http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/g/gr~byzn.gif but white with a purple backround.
  3. Spartan156

    Unpatriotic Bast....

    Well im all for respecting people that dont belive in god, but if we have to change the pledge because someone dosent like it they can screw off. Its like changing the Freedom of speech because some poeple in this country cant speak english, IT DOSENT MAKE SENSE! I cant wait for the american empire so crap like this wont happen. If they dont like it, dont say it.
  4. Spartan156

    What Profession?

    + ROMAN SOLDIER! no wait! IMPERATOR! -Slave, sewage worker
  5. Spartan156

    5.000 Years In 90 Seconds

    Genius! I had that idea a quite a while ago, but i would have been the entire world and it couldnt possibly take 90seconds.
  6. Spartan156

    Why Do You Like Rome?

    Me, it was all the way back when i wanted Rome Total war. I was instantly hooked on learning what this one civilization did in what i considered at primitive time, then learened that it was more advanced than i ever thought. More than ten times. I had recently discovered that the greeks were one step behind creating steam powered engines and electricity. That schocked me. and if my words sound totally off topic, i skipped everything you guys said cuz i dont like reading so much.
  7. Spartan156

    I Do Not Believe This

    hmm that could have been the puddles of rain reflecting off the sky.
  8. I found this place when i was researching what Sparta was like under the roman empire and found this place. Being a Greeco Roman Fanactic I just had to join. So... HI!
  9. Spartan156

    Optical Illusion

    When i saw it change colors i thought i saw square b elevate and move a little.
  10. Spartan156

    Roman For Halloween

    I was thinking of doing a roman officer outfit for holleween. Ive figured out what matierials i would use. Cardboard, vnyal, and cotton..... So... what are you guys, if you are doing anyting, gonna do for holleween.
  11. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    do both of my sisters ehyslandiaezukn iailcamoagrnnkzu
  12. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    ok temwthahinuchosn
  13. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Male, actually i dont think it would matter.
  14. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    add this one wtemhtafttaohhuscitn
  15. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    My roman name is my mysapce name now... Tiberius Varius Aruns!
  16. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    So im the artistic son of the last roman king, that has something to do with the tiber river? Cool...
  17. I would have to disagree unless you have some info i havent seen, becauze i never found out what happened to the byzantie empire after the fall of Constantinople. Did the turks go into Greece? History's records state that an invasion of Greece from asia minor would be a bad idea. (Ask Dionissus, he'll tell you) Did greece just go back into a united but seperate city-state system?
  18. Spartan156

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    OH OH ME NEXT! tivrsayrazkun, male
  19. Spartan156

    Sparta and Spartans in the Roman Empire

    hmm...that sucks, oh well.