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  1. Vexator

    What Roman Personality Are You?

    I had: 1) Seneca 2) Hadrian 3) Augustus
  2. Firstly, I hope the Ethiopians will take care of it and not let it rot away! Secondly, now maybe they can get the British to return all they looted to Greece!
  3. Vexator


    What kills me about all these Movies is thier recreation of battles. Take a look at Braveheart and Gladiator. They show all the damn battles as a total mixing and cluster F#@k of troops. I mean it is common knowledge that most battle esp. ancient ones had very specific battle lines and formations. In which the only time they would loose any type of cohesion would be if one side became routed. I hope Alexander is not like this...going to see it soon.
  4. Vexator


    I think the one thing I agree with Communism (at least the type that Russia had) was Religion is poison. You want world peace, ban all organized religion. "I can't believe people actually believe in angels. Little fat people with wings that actually interact with our lives. What ever happened to Goblins? You don't hear much about them anymore." --George Carlin
  5. Vexator

    Rome Total War

    RTW is a cool game. However, I have to admit that everyone was freaking out about how great the graphics are and the different perspectives you can have on the battle field. Don't get me wrong the graphics are great and the battles are great but you can't really enjoy them when playing. I mean if you zoom in to troop eye level you will get stomped if you are playing online. That to me is a drag. In order to not get wasted online I have to maintain that bird's eye view of the battle field. And let's face it replays are boring after awhile. I think if the battles were turn based you would be able to really enjoy zooming in and watching the action. Because then you wouldn't have to worry about zooming back out and having that damn click fest that happens. Also, while I am talking about playing online what is with all the damn campers out there?!?!?! It seems almost every damn game I play the other players just sit back and wait for others to attack. Let's face it reactionary play is no where near realistic not to mention boring as hell. So I actually try to be an offensive player but with the way the game works, and if there is lag, forget it I get killed because all the other players seem to do is sit back and play defense. And I am not talking about if you are guarding a city, of course in that situation you would be playing mostly defense. But come on man, campers get offensive from the get go.
  6. Vexator

    A Roman Empire Today..

    Well seeing what direction this topic took I will say that if you had to pick a country that is the closest to what the Roman empire was you have to admit that the USA is the closest. I am simply saying this because we (yes I am an American) are the only country that has military bases all over the world and we do have sudo-client states. I think the USA could be more Roman if we actually would loose our touchy feely liberalistic views. Hell if something like 9/11 happend and the USA was Roman I think you would have seen more middle eastern countries having salt sowed into thier soil. Although on the other side of the coin, I think actually the Romans were more liberal than we are in America. To me the Romans did not have prejudices based on skin color or religion (not counting the later emperors who would force themselves as Gods). To me it was very simple 'we don't care what you look like or what Gods you worship, just pay your taxes and do not make waves.' Hell I just wish Latin as a spoken language would come back into use as the international language of trade, etc., etc.