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  1. kodiakblair

    Scottish Independence

    " Is this indpenednece movement really for Scotland and its people, or simply a means by which individuals achieve success in their lifetimes? The difference is sometimes very narrow. " Some may feel this is just about MR Salmond. It's not remember Holyrood will have to be elected again. While Mr Salmond might be the man in charge before Independence whether he would be elected 1st PM of Scotland for over 300 years remains to be seen. There are many like myself, brought up in Labour strongholds who view Independence as the only way to remove New Labour and it's taint from Scottish politics and see a return to it's traditional values. Tony Blair and Ed Milliband have no place along side John Smith,Jimmy Reid and Denis Canavan. Few up here have any faith in Westminster though I believe that holds true for parts of England too. The lack of action shown to SW England earlier this year only adds fuel to the fire. I really don't want to go much further with this topic, I only answered because #4 asked for a Scots view and Viggen emailed to say I'd not posted yet despite joining two years back. I've made sure not to push any buttons, hope you appreciate this as the topic can quickly become inflamed.
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  3. kodiakblair

    Scottish Independence

    I really didn't think I'd be talking about Indepenence on a Roman History site, certainly not my first post. Firstly Caldrail the Union of the Crowns was one King two countrys. The creation of the United Kingdom was another issue entirely, closure of the Scottish Parliament and all power dissolved to London. It is a very emotive issue, myself I've been waiting since 1979 for this chance. In 1979 the people of Scotland were asked about Devolution, the majority voted for it but the Non votes were added to the No votes so the bill was defeated.It was said at the time that the Scottish Office would get more power what we got was 18 yrs of Tory Government. This is the key issue with Scotland never having a Conservative following, the majority of MPs and indeed Councils are Labour. The SNP coming to power as a backlash against Tony Blair's " New Labour ". New Labour being a re-branded opposition party quite removed from the traditional Labour Party. So there we have things as they stand Scotland who don't elect Conservatives being governed by them. The points raised about Scotlands lauded past in the first post don't really stand, The Enlightenment isn't taught in Scottish Schools, we get the Romans, Bannockburn then jump to the Industrial Revolution. One thing that bothers me is for years the argument was Scotland wasn't economically stable and relied on England now if this is true why would an England reeling with debt keep this drain of resources afloat. And why would the Conservatives want a NO vote when if you remove the Scottish MPs at Westminster they would have a majority of 19 clear, no Con/Lib just absolute power.Why do they want to keep this Millstone that is Scotland and deny themselves power. Unless like a lot of things being said they're Lies.There's a huge amount of mis-information going on. British politics are too London centric and now Britain is feeling the brunt of they're mis-management I for one feel it's time to stand on our own feet.