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  1. Divus Filius

    Crucifixion in Rome

    Yes, like wearing a patibulum (transom), dragging an 'X' to the 'job' site is so much less glamorous than dragging a whole Latin Cross (tropaeum). The transom itself was much lighter in section i.e. flimsier than the main pole of the stouter device. And when the stouter suspension device--which was more akin to the US-style telephone/power pole than a Cross--was used, the condemned never dragged whole assemblies there anyway! Another Gospel myth exploded, utterly.
  2. Divus Filius

    Crucifixion in Rome

    Note to Admin: I realised that this is not a subject that's not congruent with Roman religion. If you please, could you scoot this over to the Imperium Romanum subforum? Thanks!
  3. Divus Filius

    Crucifixion in Rome

    Hello everyone. I've read Gunnar Samuelsson's book Crucifixion in Antiquity and trying to get my brain around John Granger Cook's Crucifixion in the Mediterranean World. Samuelsson's work from 2010 was very well presented and he paints a sceptical picture whether crucifixion by the dictionary definition ever happened. Cook's tome from 2014 is very annoying to me: he presents in his introduction how he believes the Romans really crucified, then keeps referring to two-beam crosses, or to horizontal and vertical beams -- as though he still believes Romans nailed people to the dictionary definition of crosses: two-beamed lap-jointed constructions we are all so familiar with (because they're at the front end of each church). He also thinks crucifixion goes back to Persia. Any thoughts on the matter?
  4. Divus Filius

    Your Favourite Roman God

    Favorite god: Priapus (the god with a big you-know-what) Favorite goddess: Fortuna (our Lady Luck, the Goddess of Random Chance)
  5. Interesting find from the ancient papyri! It definitely sounds like something that people would do, and yet...whod'a thunk?