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  1. votadini

    Simon Scarrow

    I just picked up a copy of Simon Scarrow's 'Under the Eagle' in a local Oxfam. I've never read one of his works before, so do they come recommended?
  2. votadini

    Norse influence on English

    Definitely, Cumbria is chock-a-block with Norse name elements (fell, howe, pike, tarn, thwaite, gill, beck, etc) though still enough Brythonic and Angle to spice the toponymy up.
  3. votadini

    Simon Scarrow

    Thanks for all the opinions so far. I generally prefer my historical fiction (admittedly, I generally prefer history works themselves) along the lines of Umberto Eco, but I have delved into Cornwell et al in the past. Never, in my opinion, going to win a Nobel but any ripping yarn will sometimes do to pass the time.
  4. votadini

    BBC's Nero

    He certainly took the dangerously insane angle in the portrayal.
  5. votadini

    Norse influence on English

    It's generally thought that place-names ending in '-by' (Grimsby, Whitby, Birkby) indicate Norse settlement.
  6. votadini

    Is this your idea of architecture?

    Not really my cup of tea either, but it's an art museum so only to be expected they were going to adopt a styling not suited to more conservative tastes. And, after twenty years everyone will probably be used to it (see the Sydney Opera House or the Pompadou Centre) and be outshone by a new wave of architects trying to make their name.
  7. votadini

    What's the last book you read?

    Understandable though, since the buildings of Roman Britain is such a large topic and in only one volume.
  8. votadini

    What's the last book you read?

    A very good book, a must for anyone interested in Roman architecture this side of the Channel.
  9. votadini

    What's the last book you read?

    I've just finished 'Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell, and 'Day of the Barbarians' by Alessandro Barbero, very well written but I'm sure he could have put much more detail in.
  10. votadini

    Opinions on Cicero

    I've just finished Tom Holland's Rubicon, and I get the distinct impression of Cicero as an eloquent weasel. Am I mistaken or Holland over-the-top?
  11. In all the books I have featuring illustrations of early imperial legionaries they predominantly are dressed in red tunics, but then you will see them in blue, green, white, etc. What are the sources on the colours worn? Were certain colours worn by certain legions or is the topic still a mater of conjecture?
  12. votadini

    Saturday on UKTV History

    Maybe of interest to those in the UK; http://uktv.co.uk/index.cfm/uktv/UKTV.tv/c...-17/startTime/6 Seems to be quite a few Roman/Ancient programmes on this day.
  13. votadini

    Coin shows Cleopatra's ugly truth

    If she looked anything akin to the coin (or the woman at Northern Neil's launderette) she must have been VERY seductive
  14. votadini

    Unfortunate last words

    King Shish Kebab II
  15. votadini

    Saturday on UKTV History

    Hear, hear! I'm an admirer of Attenborough but all day every Sunday can sap one's endurance.
  16. votadini

    Unfortunate last words

    Caesar; "This isn't what I meant by cuts in government!!"
  17. votadini

    Saturday on UKTV History

    I honestly wouldn't know, but off the top of my head I think they're just available on Sky, Telewest or Freeview.
  18. votadini

    Weather conditions

    Even as late as the 18th Century there were still markets and festivities taking place on the frozen Thames in London (the end of what I believe they call the last Mini-Ice Age).
  19. votadini

    On the Lead Singer of Black Sabbath

    Ozzy now might be a sad disgrace but he WAS Black Sabbath; without him they're now just a bunch of old men better suited to pub gigs
  20. votadini

    Weather conditions

    But don't quote me on that, just brainstorming .
  21. votadini

    Weather conditions

    Just 'thinking' off the top of my head, Egypt was a famous exporter of grain due to the fertility of the banks of the Nile, and Sicily was probably more forested in those days and thus the soil was more firmly secured to the earth.
  22. votadini

    Was the Occupation of Britannia worth it?

    But the issue is whether the Picts, Scottis, et alia, would have been so troublesome had the Romans not invaded in the first place.
  23. votadini

    Jews in Rome

    Having read that even in the suburb of Rome where the Julii lived that there was a synagogue, would anyone happen to know when did the first Jews settle in Rome, what were their roles and how well were they accepted (I'm imagining pretty badly).
  24. votadini

    Ancient homes found in road dig

    Very interesting, but what was the image presented on the BBC web link; an attempted reconstruction or the home of a rural hippie?