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  1. haimore

    Quick Latin Test

    8, I got 8 correct.
  2. haimore

    Roman Money

    Well, that's the problem, when times were tight the aediles assigned to the treasury would mint coins that had a "face value" equal to that of it's predecessor, but weighed less...or minted from inferior metal, etc. It would be quite difficult to do a dollar to sesterces exchange, I know I'm not smart enough to do it.
  3. haimore

    Senate Speech

    I'd address the Senate on March 13th 44BC and warn them of the impending disaster if Ceasar is assasinated.
  4. I'm not smart enough on the subject to comment...other than to say...Oh...My goodness.
  5. Yep, Stalin was responsible for more deaths, over all, than Hitler, and Mao, even more than Stalin. The Romans were indeed quite liberal for their day...among the most liberal. I think we get our jaundiced view of them from our christian back ground...what we read in the New Testament and the exaggerated (but still very real) persecutions.
  6. haimore

    What If Julius Caesar Did Not Die?

    Rome would have looked at least a little bit different had Ceasar lived I suspect.
  7. haimore

    The Scipio Family

    Actually, almost all the names added had a "bad" conotation, but were worn with pride by those who received them....usually.
  8. Hard to answer the question...you've also got to figure in time frames too. Hitler was in power...what...12 years? He was responsible in that time for the death of not 6 million...that was just the Jews...his total casualty list is closer to 50 million.
  9. haimore

    Best Roman Generals

    Hannibal could have won...or been defeated much earlier. In any case he wasn't smart enough to exploit his success, and Rome didn't field a general smart enough to defeat him in open battle..it's almost like there was a morale problem for the Legions until they got over to Africa...I really suspect this was part of the problem.
  10. haimore

    What If Julius Caesar Did Not Die?

    Some historians have speculated that Ceasar didn't have too much time left anyhow. They suspect he knew he was dying which is why he let himself be trapped. On the otherhand, my read on his personality is that he would have twarted them had he known what was coming. I guess the first question one has to ask is would his campaign against the Parthians have been sucessful, or would he suffer Crassus fate? Would we even know his name other than that of one more General who aided in the destruction of the Republic had he not been murdered in the Senate and died in Parthia? Or would he have set himself up as the first Emperor upon his triumphant return? Would he have resigned his dictatorship when he thought he had successfully reformed the government? So many "ifs" and it's a fun game.
  11. haimore

    Rome Senate

    Why was the public dole cut? Because Ceasar (correctly) didn't think it was the Governemnts business to be handing out food...he was hoping that people would begin to leave the city and find employment elsewhere.
  12. haimore

    Long Live Latin!

    Church Latin sounds pretty impressive...but Latin Class in HS was a pain...glad I took it though...it made picking up Spanish a LOT easier.
  13. haimore

    Hbo Show Rome

    Awesome...this should be good. I've been disappointed by TLC productions so far.