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    Pereyaslavl' (one Of The Oldest Russian Towns)

    Russians applyed gunpowder for canons since 1382 year to defend Moscow from Mongols. I believe it wasn't earlier. They usually used boiled grease which poured out on the enemy's heads. BTW, the applying of canons was one of the reasons why Mongols couldn't defeat Moscow.
  2. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    Thank you for the offer! I don't know when I can visit Brooklyn museum, it's so far from me, but I hope to be there in future though.
  3. Lacertus

    Industrial Beauty (2)

    Excellent pic! I never thought before that an industrial landscape may looks so amazing!
  4. Lacertus

    An Etruscan Brief

    Something about etruscan language Etruscan language Besides it I have the picture of etruscan alphabet and transcription. I can take a photo of it and put here if this theme is so interest.
  5. Lacertus

    Alexandr Nevskiy's Church

    One of the oldest there (the end of 13AD)
  6. Lacertus

    Alexandr Nevskiy's Church

    Thank you! Ah, yes, some small towns are really great in Russia and I can recommend to see else Suzdal, Rostov the Great and Yaroslavl'. I hope to put some pictures of them too.
  7. Lacertus

    Centre of the town

    Good view from old defend earth mound
  8. Lacertus

    Yury Dolgorukiy

    he established the town
  9. Lacertus

    Monastery's wall

    It looks unassailable
  10. Lacertus

    bell tower

    It situated on the monastery's wall
  11. Lacertus

    Church (museum of history now)

    All sights in Pereyaslavle have not so good condition. I was wondered about using bad paint for restoration some buildings there. Nevertheless, this church looks so.
  12. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    Oh, my operation was good and I haven't problems with my eyes now (I wear glasses sometimes but it's not so need for me now). thanks! Yes, I know Richard Fazzini, I already read his lectures about Luxor and about history of Egypt. I found he's one of the best egyptologist in the world now. I often use his thought about history of Egypt. They are always very competent and understandble.
  13. Lacertus

    Church near Sheremetyev's palace

    I never was inside it in spite of I live near this church.
  14. Lacertus

    Church near Sheremetyev's palace

    It's Moscow and it's really an Orthodox church.
  15. Lacertus

    Disappearance Of The Tria Nomina

    I'm not sure that it may help but Byzantine emperors's names
  16. Lacertus

    Battle Preliminary

    I remember only one case when a naked roman woman was depicted on a horse, it was an engraving of an unknown painter from one of Italy museums (16-17 AD). It was Tarpeia on the picture and I guess the painter was a person with powerful imagination and he decided that she must look so. Tarpeia - a woman from Roman legend who betrayed the Roman army; when the early Romans stole the Sabine women, the daughter of the Roman commander fell in love with the king of the Sabine people; Tarpeia arranged that the Sabine king would marry her if she allowed them into the Roman fortress; the Sabines killed her once inside; a cliff was named after her on the Capitoline Hill; this
  17. Lacertus

    New Car

    Cool! Good one! I have got Ford Focus too and enjoy driving. (but my car is hatchback)
  18. It's one of famous sights in Moscow and was biuld only from wood. It's a pity that this museum works only in summer time. It was a summer house with theatre a long time ago. ( it's situated near my house)
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    girlfriend of my cat

    now she lives with us, lol
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    squirrel. AGAIN

    Sorry for else one squirrel. It's very cute!
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    It's very rare bird in Moscow now
  23. Lacertus

    She's Baaaack!

    Welcome back!