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    First Roman Greek Engagement?

    If intermarriage was not common,what happened to the Samnites and these Greeks? Who are they today?
  2. julieboy

    First Roman Greek Engagement?

    How much did the Romans and the Samnites assimilate with the Greeks ? Was there more Greek/Roman assimilaton and intermarriage,or more Samnite/Greek assimilation and intermarriage ?
  3. julieboy

    The Ligurians

    Didn't the Sicani in Sicily,and perhaps the Siculi also descend from the Ligurians?
  4. julieboy

    The Taboo Roots Of Imperial Collapse

    Has anybody here of Italian descent ever submitted DNA for testing of ethnicity,such as the free testing being offered by National Geographic Magazine,in their study of eugenics? Or, perhaps somebody has known someone of Italian descent who has participated in testing their DNA. Maybe someone has seen some results of DNA tests done on Italians. For what its worth Gary on Howard Stern stated one time that his DNA tests showed that he had a small percentage of East Indian in his DNA.
  5. julieboy

    Iberians, Celts, And Visigoths

    Have vread that Iberians migrated to Corsica,Sardinia,and Sicily. Did they at all migrate into the Italian peninsula?
  6. julieboy

    Passive Periphrastic

    Its similar to the way the gerund is formed in Spanish Hablar:to speak Hablando:speaking Comer:toeat Comiendo: eating Vivir:to live Viviendo:living
  7. julieboy

    Family Motto

    I agree with an earlier translation: Love of the fatherland leads. Ducit: third person singular:he,she,or it leads (in this case love is the "it",and the verb ducit agrees with the subject ,amor amor: nominative singular= subject in the sentence patriae: genetive singular denoting possession,and is used with the noun(and subject) amor=of the fatherland Thus "amor patriae" means "love of the fatherland" Finally Ducit amor patriae.= Love of the fatherland leads.
  8. julieboy

    The Origin Of The Berbers ?

    Would Libya's present leader Khadafi be someone who looks like he is from Berber or Numidian descent?Asking the question because one time he was quoted as saying something to effect of Libyans not being Arabs but rather of African descent. How different in appearance were the ancient inhabitants of Rome from the Berbers? Finally if not Berbers then what would the ancient Eqyptians have been considered.Could they have possibly Arabs or Greeks ? Were Cretens descended from the Greeks?
  9. julieboy

    Tyrants Of Sicily

    Not sure if Frederick II was a tyrant or not,and he was ruling Sicilyafter the Roman Empire. I believe he ruled the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies,which was Sicily and Southern Italy,which is today's Southern Italy or Mezzogiorno,as it is called. Frederick II exiled a large number(maybe 40,000 or more,but the number is uncertain to me).They were supposedly the worst of the Sicilians in Frederick 11's view. He sent them to Bari in Southeast Italy ,in the region of today's Apulia. My question is were they criminals,or rebels against his rule? Or were they perhaps exiled because they were possibly arabs left over from Saracen rule of Sicily and parts of South Italy?
  10. julieboy

    Tyrants Of Sicily

    What were the populations of some of the Sicilian towns mentioned above? How many Carthaginians or other conquerors did it take to take over these ancient towns?
  11. julieboy

    Roman Slaves

    Yes. I believe that is it. Perhaps my recollection of the year that I read was innacurate. Maybe it was 1918.
  12. julieboy

    Roman Slaves

    Don't know who wrote the "Dictionary of Races and Peoples" but it was in the format of an ecoyclopedia. If you look up any term that dealt with such things as race,ethnicity, or religion, the "dictionary" would break it down. For example if you look up Italian,it would first tell you that Italy is a political entity forming a country. At this point it would describe the people in Italy. If you looked up Puert Rican,it would give a breakdown of the different races and ethnic groups to which Puerto Ricans belong. It went on to say that Italy's "racial " characteristics were broadly broken down into North Italian and South Italian. At its base the race of Southern Italy was said to be related to the race of Southern Spain and North Africa,such as the Berbers. This occured according to the reseaech because at one time North Africa ,Sicily,Malta,and Italy formed one strip og land,as did Spain and North Africa. They felt people were more easily able to flow back and forth from North Africa to Southern Italy than from more northern parts of Europe into Italy,because of Italy's mountainous terrain forming a big barrier with Northern Europe. This book was one of a series of publications that seemed to come out each year(once saw a bunch of different yearly editions, that were offered by a used book store. Agree that this particular year was meant to in part stereotype Southern Italians. While it described North Italians with nothing negative,South Italians were considered "excitable,superstitious,prone to gambling, kidnapping,and violence", and often members of the mafia groups from Sicily,or the Camorra in Campania,as well as Calabrian groups. Actually,outside of South Italians,who were probably coming to America in large numbers at that time,there was nothing negative in the descriptions of any other groups,with the exception perhaps of some Eastern Europeans.
  13. julieboy

    Roman Slaves

    Don't ask me "WHY?", but the Dictionary of Races and Peoples, which is connected to the Bureau of Immigration,has Italians divided into two races: South Italian,a Mediterranean race at its base,and North Italian,which is ,if I remember,an Alpine race,BUT GENOESE are classified as South Italian,although Genoa is in Italy's North geographically. My guess for the loggic of this is that the authors consider Genoese to be Ligurians,who might be the same Iberic racial type that was found and that they consider to be the base race in the South of Italy,Spain,Sardinia and Sicily,and North Africa.
  14. julieboy


    Were the Samnites a Latin people like the Romans? Have read that Samnites gave the Romans all they could handle in battle. However Rome eventually beat them. What made Samnites any tougher to beat for the Romans,than any other people? How did Rome finally beat them? Were Saminites and others in Campania the best gladiators? If so,why is that? Who would be the present day descendents of the Samnites?
  15. julieboy

    Definition Of Tribe

    Trying to figure ot the possibility of a tribe of one group of Italians being related to another tribe in a distant part of Italy,especially if the word tribe is used to mean a large extended family. Lots of times a whole bunch of Italian immigrants from the same village will move to the same neighborhood in an American city.Many of these villages consisted of families that had a lot of intermarrige where often relatives married each other. In their new Italian city,they might not feel close to immigrants from another Italian village,but in reality what possibility is there that somehow they may have at one time been split off from the same original tribe? For example,I belive it was Frederick II that exiled a bunch of Sicilians that he didn't feel he could control to the area of Bari,on Italy's Adriatic side. So possibly many people from Bari, would have a large number of blood relations in Sicily.