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  1. Well I remember a line from my favorite movie, A Hard Day's Night, that very well may have been a parody of what you're looking for. "He's sex-obsessed. The older generation are leading the country into galloping ruin." I duno if that helped or not. Just my 2c worth.
  2. Hm. I'm not exactly new here, so to speak, but I've had a long hiatus, and I wasn't exactly active before I did. So I guess you could call me new. I usually pop in whenever I have a Latin project, like right now. Hi!
  3. floppybelly

    American Football Season

    I don't know if this is pro exclusive, but as a naitive Ohioan, I can't help but be proud of the Buckeye's record this year. Looks like we might have a repeat of that 14-0 year when we made it to the Tostitoes Bowl or whatever it was called.
  4. floppybelly

    Could One Man Build Stonehenge?

    Is it known to allign with any sort of celestial configuration?
  5. floppybelly

    You Knew It Would Happen: Julius Caesar!

    Ok, we're basing this off of history, not Shakespeare's play. Second, the trial is not to prove that the conspirators killed Caesar, but rather to prove that they were wrong in killing him. We have to prove Caesar's greatness and the murderers' unlawfulness, no matter what they try to justify it with. And yes, there is a jury, it's anyone who isn't a character or a lawyer. I'm glad I added so much controversy to the forums, it's always good to have something to talk about.
  6. Yeah, I'm back for the time being. In Latin class, we're doing this project on Julius Caesar where we run a trial: the murderers of Julius Caesar are being prosecuted by the common good. I get to be a lawyer on the prosecution side, and I get to cross-examine Brutus, Cassius, Octavius, Antony, Cicero, Cleopatra, and Cato the Younger. So yeah... Just thought I'd share. Feel free to express your thoughts on the subject.
  7. floppybelly

    Another Roman Recipe To Delight All

    Sorry, I'm probably off-topic by now, but I don't come around here so often, and I saw this topic... It reminded me of another strange Roman delicacy, doormice. Like cute little furry rodents, right? And you eat them. :shudder: Whatever. I guess pig's womb would be even worse.
  8. floppybelly

    The Actual Roman Forums

    Hey, everyone. In Latin class we're doing projects on ancient Roman buildings, and I got the Forum Romanum. Well, since this is is a Roman Forum, perhaps you guys know about it. I can get lots of info from Google, I'm sure, but perhaps you'd like to discuss the very thing this Forum was modeled after. Cheers!
  9. floppybelly

    Romans Cats

    funny how cultures seem to prefer cats over dogs. *thinks of Egyptians* I could be wrong on that, but is it the majority? There could easily be cultures I don't know about who go the other way around, with dogs instead of cats.
  10. floppybelly

    What About The God Of Theives?

    I agree, this would be fun. I must admit, I'm somewhat infatuated with Great Britan as a whole, and those people who live there. Especially the Scottish folks, they're just plain funny.
  11. floppybelly

    What About The God Of Theives?

    I realize that this thread is a little old now, but I think it's kinda my "Hey, I'm new here, come say 'Hi'" thread. And I do want to be active in this forum, but let me ask you something: What exactly do you people post about around here? In the other forum I belong to, we have a little games chamber for when we get bored, and a fanfiction chamber, art, spriting, and miscellanious, of course. The forum itself is a pokemon forum, but that isn't all that it focuses on. I'm thinking that this forum needs a bit more diversity if you want more activity. Just a suggestion. But seriously, you can really only find so much about Roman stuff.
  12. floppybelly

    What Kind Of Warrior Are You?

    Hey, this isn't too old. Sure, I tried it out. Got Henchman. Your sphere is Knight (Know Loyalty and Respect), and your class is Rogue (Precise and Unhindered). You are a Henchman. You know the value of respect, in every glorious, practical, and humble sense of the word. You know whom you respect. You know what it means to defend and uphold respect. Although the boss can and will call on anyone to get a job done, the boss knows he can call on you when there's a delicate situation, or when someone needs to get their hands dirty. You hold a special place in their heart for your willingness in this regard, as well as a special place in the toes of the people you might step on in securing the respect your boss deserves.
  13. floppybelly

    What About The God Of Theives?

    I'm surprised to get such a warm reception, instead of things like, "I'll eat your head if you don't follow the rules!" (Don't ask...) but for a little correction- Sorry, but I'm female. and
  14. floppybelly

    What About The God Of Theives?

    Hey, turns out I did come back after all. This actually doesn't look like such a bad forum to join, especially if you're into the whole Roman thing. Nice of you to reply, I'm glad to see the members here are actually friendly to newbs, unlike the first forum I ever joined. To this day I still wonder how I survived...
  15. I'm sorry to interrupt this entire forum with something completely off topic, but I wanted to post something and it wouldn't let me start a new topic without joining. I was just wondering, see, I have an idea. Some may not know this, but Hermes/Mercury was also the god of theives, along with merchants, travelers, and messengers. This is not noted on his description in the major gods category on this site. Also, I had an idea that one could make a game feturing Hermes, God of Theives. You could have him traveling and running errands for Zeus and Hades and in the meantime either helping mortal theives or actually being a theif himself. You don't have to say what you think, because I won't be back to see it. I'm just here while doing some research for my Romulus and Remus project for Latin. I was just putting it here because if I didn't share it with someone it felt like I would burst! [/ranting] And also, I didn't find Eris, goddess of discord and chaos in either the minor or major gods charts. I'm wondering if I'm wrong in thinking she was a Greek or Roman goddess. Allright, I'm done now. carry on.