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  1. jugurtha


    (deleted) not happy with it - JUG
  2. jugurtha


    I'm reading up on Nero lately and the further I go the more I wonder why there hasn't been a movie about the life of Agrippina (the younger). I know Georg Friedrich H
  3. jugurtha

    German Line From Gladiator?

    Although that would seem to be the line (Ihr seid verfluchte Hunde), it is just ridiculous to assume that that is what it should sound like. The line mentioned above, and maybe the one used in the film sounds like modern German, New High German. I don't think German people of today would understand the ancient "Germans". The language has changed throughout the centuries and has known several soundshifts resulting in the Germanic languages we know today (see link - the eastern Germanic languages are extinct now). Germanic language tree - JUG
  4. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    OMFG (Oh My Freakin' God) Didn't know that you got it back! That's just sheer absurdity. It's like the cufflings of the captain of the Titanic running ashore AD 2104. - JUG
  5. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    The map has now arrived as well! (went smoother than the last time, eh ) - JUG
  6. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    Just thought I'd say that I have received the book and the coin. Thanks again. the book looks really promising! - JUG
  7. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    I'm glad to see people enjoying the poem. It's such a difficult genre. And no, you can't put prose and poetry in the same contest. Many people dislike poetry, for many reasons. I can't blame them, actually. It's such a small difference between a good poem and sheer rhyming. I personally try to avoid rhyme in a poem and try to focus more on the metrum. It's a matter of taste, I guess. Then again, an epic poem needs rhyme and this one clearly did the job. Maybe the next writing contest could focus on poetry? And after that, a comedy contest ... please. - JUG
  8. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    Nr 3 is actually a very good story, if the structure were different it would've been the winner. We were asked to write a short story, so the "in medias res" intro is a must. Excellent start! I tried the same thing but failed to drag the reader into the story (that story was part of something I wrote earlier and it shows). Going into a wide shot is an excellent way to introduce the surroundings and zoom back into the protagonist's feelings. The presentation of the main character is good. You get to know his thoughts, some insight into his character but not too much ... this is not a novel. The instruction part I like least. It's too schematic, sounds like a RPGgame instruction. Might've been better if you'd made a complete flashback, including the thoughts of the protagonist at the time. The link with present-day findings is a good one, but - hey, it's only me ... don't lynch me - I would've started with it. Give the reader an enigma and solve it at the end of the story. - JUG (not a fair second, if you ask me)
  9. jugurtha

    Creative Writing Contest

    That's some excellent writing, Lee! Very funny too! Read all the entries and I must say you can actually sense the joy people had when writing this stuff. I'd definitely want to see more of those. Especially liked the epic poem. That genre is really hard to write and keep it interesting. Thank you for the appreciation. Prizes: er ... the pocket guide to Roman Wales and the Commodus denarius, if possible. (Excellent prizes by the way!) - JUG
  10. jugurtha

    Roman Empire Map Feedback

    Indeed, and may I add that they were a success amongst my colleagues? I might place a new order in the near future. (I even had to give up my own map ) Major compliments about the modern look of the map (although I like old maps myself, I hear that history and Latin teachers feel the need to clear the dust from their subjects and a modern look is definitely/finally becoming part of that process.) Keep up the good work. - JUG
  11. jugurtha

    Excavation Report From Aguntum

    Excellent source material there. - JUG
  12. jugurtha

    Rome Total War

    Hehe, saw the series a few months ago on BBC. I think it is great entertainment. I'm looking forward to this game too ... but I do hope the system requirements don't spoil the fun, even though I have AMD XP 2600+ and a midrange graphics card, especially when talking about multiplayer battles. I'll be happy if I can play singleplayer though. - JUG
  13. jugurtha

    Roman Empire Map Feedback

    Sounds fishy. - JUG
  14. jugurtha

    Roman Empire Map Feedback

    I'd like to, but I haven't received it yet. Close to six weeks now. - JUG
  15. jugurtha

    King Arthur?

    And here it is.