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  1. M. Corvus Cato

    Europa Barbarorum 1.0 released!

    Hows does EB compare to Rome Total Realism? I downloaded this mod rather than EB because I thought this was the more historically accurate whereas the EB mod was more of a
  2. M. Corvus Cato

    Europa Universalis Rome and Imperium Romanum

    I have EU Rome now and I have to say after playing it through a few times its pretty good. Its great strength for me is that you can re-create the rise of the Republic by conquering southern Italy/Sicily and then press on into Macedon and Spain. Carthage is reasonably well realised as well (even if the naval AI is poor). The middle east is less well realised with the Seleucids in particular being much too powerful. That said Gaul is well done with most of the tribes allied to each other. Technology is present although it
  3. M. Corvus Cato

    What's the last book you read?

    Just finished a Dream of Rome by Boris Johnson. Not bad. I can recommend this to anyone who wants a light, opinionated essay on aspects of Roman history with lots of modern comparison. It
  4. M. Corvus Cato

    Religion and tolerance in Rome

    Excellent! I knew the Aztecs were not all bad! To wander totally off topic one last time - I wonder can anyone think of a polytheistic religion that was not tolerant of other gods? (using Ingsoc
  5. M. Corvus Cato

    Religion and tolerance in Rome

    I have to agree with my fellow Cato on this one and say the Greeks were there first on all of the above. I also think polytheism by its very nature has to be tolerant because there is no one god but many so there are many different ways to access the god head (although don
  6. M. Corvus Cato

    Religion and tolerance in Rome

    Ha - yeah admittedly the ticking did go on for a long time!! Hmm I don
  7. M. Corvus Cato

    Which Roman Films/TV series would you Recommend?

  8. M. Corvus Cato

    Worst Roman Enemy and why?

    I really want to say Julius Caesar because as far as I am concerned the clock was ticking once the republic fell but I take the point that this thread is about external threats. So for me it has to be Germania. Surely their was no foe quite so implacable and unconquerable as the Germanic hordes. The cost of keeping the long border secure in terms of men and treasure undoubtedly put a great strain of the empire and the battle of the Teutoburg Forest inflicted a great psychological blow to the empire when it was at its most confident. I also think that in an indirect way it sapped the quality of the Roman army as later emperors had to rely more and more on Germanic mercenaries instead of raising loyal Latin legions.
  9. M. Corvus Cato

    Which Roman Films/TV series would you Recommend?

    I would recommend HBO
  10. M. Corvus Cato

    Name Your Own Roman Epic

    Augustus Rising: The story of Augustus from young boy to the battle of Actium Ok so the Rome TV series did this but I reckon with a big budget it would be awesome.
  11. M. Corvus Cato

    The Last Legion

    I enjoyed this however, I would only recommend it for people who can disengage their brain sufficiently to enjoy it as fantasy otherwise you might find the historical inaccuracies off putting. I watched it with a friend who is pretty fanatical about these things and he could not get past the inaccuracies.