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    I enjoy Roman history, especially the modern archaeology of it, i also find time to read and play games, although work can sometimes permit this, i also like to go out and chill with friends and family.
  1. Chris08

    State a title

    Im Assuming you mean in that paticular case? Or just slaves in general?
  2. Chris08

    Stonenenge's Prehistoric Toy.

    Neil! I just figured out how they named it a hedgehog Its Sonic (The Hedgehog)! They finally found him, all these years I wasent quite convinced he existed and now I know the truth. The inspiration behind the sonic games ....... But true how do they know its a hedgehog, maybe if we saw the item in itself we would have a better idea of what it would look like, it may have small carvings along its back which we have'nt been given an image off. -Chris For those of you who dont know who sonic is : - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(character)
  3. Chris08

    Stonenenge's Prehistoric Toy.

    Is this a wind up? That just looks like a rabbit.
  4. Chris08

    Roman Campaign Slogans?

    Closest I could find for a slogan was : - - He makes good bread but theres a whole section here for the accuall elections : - http://college.cengage.com/history/west/pe...ary/pompeii.htm The fruit dealers together with Helvius Vestalis unanimously urge the election of Marcus Holconius Priscus as duovir with judicial power. I ask you to elect Gaius Julius Polybius aedile. He gets good bread. The muleteers urge the election of Gaius Julius Polybius as duovir. The worshippers of Isis unanimously urge the election of Gnaeus Helvius Sabinus as aedile. Proculus, make Sabinus aedile and he will do as much for you. ......................... EDIT : - I did find some rather rude inscribings with pics, However i wouldnt post it as its a little heavy, but message me if you want the link.
  5. Chris08

    State a title

    Hey, Recently I had an idea which may be of use to the forums, I wish to write some essays as a bit of fun, but dont have any idea's therefor what do you guys want to know about? I can do the research and putting it together I just need idea's, they will be about 500 - 1500 words long. The essays will take between a week - 2 to write so, I would write them in order of the poster, all you have to do is give me the title, and a little backround information. Thanks -Chris
  6. Chris08

    Marcus Nonius Macrinus

    "Marcus Nonius Macrinus, born in Brescia in northern Italy, was a general and consul who led military campaigns for Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor from 161 AD to 180 AD." As for that from this moment i can say i know who Marcus Aurelius is, however i did manage to find this article on Marcus Nonius Macrinus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Nonius_Macrinus Although its wiki it might contain some form of truth in there. -- Chris
  7. Chris08

    Delian league essay

    Just thought id share with all of you the essay i recently handed in as part of my Ancient history course : - What were the reasons behind the founding of the Delian league? In the years before the founding of the Delian league in 477
  8. The ancient greeks I beleive were, seperated into city-states known as polis, I have various information on hand but wondered if anyone could maybe give me a breif history into there economy, and history, With regards to there economy, i have found a little but due to the loss of information on it, im struggleing to find any real links. Did it run like athens? with the assembly, and 50 representatives from each deme? did they also have xeno's and mettics or was they known as different? And finally as far as i can see sparta has eclipted there progress throughout, but argos did eventually become an ineffective allie of athens. Thanks -chris08
  9. Chris08


    hehe, It will improve her knowledge on basic time scales, births and deaths, Where roman phrases come from, diffrent objects such as the bulla, roman buildings, where they would geographically be based, for example villa, but what it wont teach is Indepth history , for example the gallic wars, it will only teach Basics on it, I also think Tribun is an amazeing roman game! But thats less educational! But yeah Its good education for a 6 year old however I'd only advice level 1 questions, as some level 2's and 3's are hell.
  10. Chris08


    Ok ive played it twice now. Heres My Opinion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUIS CARDS Romans board game, is an excellent form of education and can be fun for all the family, there are different rules for different ages, which means an 8 year old who is really interested in the roman period can have just as much fun as an adult who has various experiances of it. For example take a look at the way that the questions work : - Adult Example:- When was Gaius Julius Ceasar Born? Child Example: - When was Gaius Julius Ceasar Born? a) 100ad 100bc c) 44bc Just a little more on the questions till i have to move on to shorten this review as there is so much to talk about heh. Not only is there varies for ages theres also a range of difficulties, heres one cards:- Level 1 :- Did Houses in roman times have a shrine to pray at? Level 2 :- What was the general name given to people who lived outside of roman territory? Level 3:- How many Vestal Virgins tended the shrine to the goddess vesta at the forum? So even if you are well informed some may test ones knowledge and greatly increase it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORTUNA CARDS Now onto the fortuna cards, whilst some are typical swap positions with the player on your right ect, others are more expansive and use roman generals, gods, and emporers as a key, some are interesting whilst others are just silly but it makes it more fun i guess! heres an example of one :- "Caligula has banished you to the Cyrenaica port, Apollonia, you must roll an even number to leave the port." but whats this, you want it in latin (i presume its latin) well on the same card underneath is this :- "Caligula vous a exile vers le port de cyrenaica, Apollonia. Vous devez obtenir un nombre pair au de pour quitter le port" so in every sence this game can also teach you the very Basic Geography of the empire, maybe not as much as the unrv map which i wish to buy but havent got paypall . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME BOARD The board is somewhat nicely decorated and can be of use for geographical purposes, it has names of main states, Hispania, Aegyptus, Mesopotamia, Gallia, Mauritania and much more, but general province names are included. But all in all its a nice gameboard with some educationa; purpose. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIM from the words of the manual itself :- "Starting as an ambitious Roman General, your goal is to become 'Ceasar', abosolute monarch. You must conquor garrison forts within the roman empire and make your way back to the capital in Italy to be problaimed ceasar!" "The term 'Ceasar' litterally means autocrat, or absolute monarch" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUMMARY Overall rating - 7 out of 10 Educational rating - 9 out of 10 This depends on your age and knowledge of the roman empire, so i rate this a 9 as such a broad selection of people can play it and get more from it, than you walked into. Enjoyment Rating - 8 out of 10 The enjoyment increases the more people you have playing (maximum of 4) ive played it a few times, and rather enjoy it with more people, and for some reason each time it gets more comical, especially when your 8 year old brother awnsers the question, Where does the term "Pyric Victory" originate from? and he awnser without the multichoice and expands on it :0. And i struggle on When did Brutus kill Julius Ceasar, even though i knew he died in 44bc i still said 100bc which was like opps heh. Game Length - 4 out of 10 most games lasted 40 minutes, i generally like a game like this to last 1 - 2 hours, but thats my opinion. So there we have it a good game from a good designer, god knows why its not as popular as Tribun when i prefer this to that heh. -chris08
  11. Chris08


    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Green-Board-Games-...522&sr=1-15 i bought that and wondered if any of you might know if its any good, dont worry i looked more into it reviews and all, just wanted to see what you guys thought. -chris08
  12. Got me paper, number 7 on the list is the funniest :- Man is even more eager to copulate than a donkey - his purse is what restrains him. (First written in eqyptian hieroglyphics during the Ptolemaic period of 204 BC - 30BC The only roman entry is dun dun dun : - 8, Augustus was touring his Empire and noticed a man in the crowd who bore a striking resemblance to himself. Intrigued, he asked " Was your mother at one time in service at the palace?" "No your highness" he replied "But my father was" (Features in Saturnalia, by Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius around 63BC) - Chris
  13. ROFL, two of them made me laugth, the first and the one on anglo-saxon britain keys , Thanks Viggen i wasent to surprised to hear the ancients joked though, it seems a natural thing to do as a human - chris
  14. Chris08

    United States and Roman Government

    I agree its inaccurate, sounds like someone trying to make a conspiricy theory to me, heh, but no i agree with Ingsoc
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    Marry Magdalins body? Hip down?