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    Irlande...deux points
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    Aside's from ancient civillisations? WWII, philosophy, photoshopping, films.
  1. Sinead

    What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us?

    romans didn't get here....dang...no straight roads for us
  2. Sinead

    So you want to study History...

    thanks for that. :-) it's a better approach than what i've been doing. finding the right course is so hard though! ye have great courses in england [/end jealousy]
  3. Sinead

    A Birthday Wish for Nephele

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. Sinead

    So you want to study History...

    That's a good question actually... I've been looking at colleges to apply for next year, and I'm really really swaying to oxford. I'm in Ireland though...so it'd be extremely expensive. I can study Classic Civillization and Archaeology there. but if I stay in Ireland, I can do Ancient History and Archaeology. Both require ridiculously high points though :S
  5. Sinead

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Tedina Histra cooooool thanks a million
  6. Sinead

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    esadin zebeltiah iywhtt female. looking forward to what I am