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    Terror in the 2000's vs 1970's vs ?

    After reading the article, I thought about the engineers in my extended family. and I will have to think more. We have as many nurses and teachers as engineers, so my family at least balances the problem....(sarcasm - where is smiley - emoji or what every) I did post this on FB to see if the engineers would comment.
  2. Hi . when I sign in on the main forum page... it doesnt show that I have signed in but when I go to one of the topic, I show signed in.. but when I try to sign out, it either ignores me or says I dont have the authorization??? Help???
  3. Artimi

    Signing out

    as in the message... there really isnt any consistency as to how this site decides I am to log in or log out or where or what... It doesnt like me.
  4. Artimi

    Author's Question

    as soon as i have figured out how to download ebooks from any source to an Ipad... the fun I will have..
  5. I finished the course this week.. I quite enjoyed it and it was nice to as active as I wanted to be or not. I started the course Exploring the Oceans this week. I found it very interesting and informative. Again a lot extra links to click if you should want to pursue a subject. Saw pictures of the dumbo octopus. boy what a cute little creature.
  6. http://sites.duke.edu/dukeresearch/2014/10/16/3d-storytelling-of-livias-villa/ book marked it cause the video has a few options and requires some concentrated time.
  7. Read the review, seems a good one to add to my wish list
  8. I am enjoying this course much more that the Portus course. Could be I now know what to expect but also because Hadrian's wall has more of a mystique(???) to it.
  9. I have enjoyed lesson 1. I went through quickly last night... and for the rest of the week will look at the suggested reading etc.
  10. Yes, I have signed up and looking forward to it. I did take the Portus course. I found to properly learn and enjoy the course, it took me more than 3 hours per week. I hadn't taken an archaeology course is so many years. The science involved has truly grown.
  11. Artimi


    Blade Obsidian has always fascinated me. Mayan culture is outside this site's purvue(?) but this blade is absolutely beautiful.
  12. ahh.... yes.. non controversial. Scipio Africanus was a general who learned.
  13. Artimi

    Ben Hur 2016

    Same here Valka, the chariot race would probably CGI... (and I even know what CGI means......: )
  14. Artimi

    Favorite Movie/tv Show

    New season starting soon for NCIS and NCIS LA and new series NCIS New Orleans. But is the original NCIS I really like..
  15. Artimi

    Favorite Movie/tv Show

    The Last Ship is good old fashioned Scifi - but I find some it way to real...the behaviour of people in a destroyed society. Love NCIS the 'old' English Murder mystery series.---- Midsommer Murders, Inspector Gently, The Blacklist and Person of Interest. What is frustrating is so few episodes are made and then repeated and repeated.
  16. LOL of course why didn't I think of that. btw, the carboard tube etc worked well for my map. sometimes I think the condition of a package depends on the mood of the various post offices.
  17. I got my map years ago and loved it, but didn't and still don't have the right place to hang it..
  18. http://www.dream-worlds.net/forum/topic554_post16960.html After reading an article about Venditius at Classical Wisdom, I went looking for more information and found this topic on a site. Interesting. there are soooo many places in the web, but I still prefer books, paper I can touch.
  19. Artimi

    What books DON'T you want to see?

    no more mad debauched Romans....
  20. I subscribe to the Classical Wisdom newsletter. They have several articles per issue. There was a part 1 of a article about this person and he sounded so interesting. Then I started searching for him on the net. Looking forward to the next part next week.
  21. and in the Sandra Bullock movie 'The Net' (1995) the Praetorians are the bad guys, really bad guys.
  22. Artimi

    Once more ...

    Due to circumstances I had to withdraw from the university course...... But..................The Great Courses company brought in a Latin course. It was not the same as the university course and started with the 3rd conjugation etc. So now I am trying that. no tests or time line... and I can redo a lesson as many times as I want. The lecture is very good. so I am still trying... I figure when I am 104 I will finally know Latin....lol
  23. Artimi

    Once more ...

    Once more, I will attempt to learn Latin, but this time I am registered in a class at the local university..... no more trying to learn on my own. So it will be me and all the young'uns.