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  1. I just registered with this very interesting group. I don't wis to offend anyone. But I thought the traditonal Biblical version of Christ's trial and execution presented the scenario as the Jewish Temple officials felt he was becoming too popular with the Jewish masses, they were concerned about possible Roman retaliation against them in the event of a revolt, and the Romans in this case - Pilate, actually viewed this scenario as just another one of the innumerable and incomprehensible Jewish sectarian religious squabbles. I think its very difficult to analyze why people do things, especially people so far removed from us in time and place. I think it would be VERY difficultto find someone in western society today who could stomach participating in a crucifixtion. Perhaps the individual giving him the vinegar and wine was performing what he thought was an act of kindness, perhaps not. But I recall reading - and I can't remember the source - that Roman soldiers added vinegar to water to keep it from spoiling in whatever they carried water in. I believe this was also done by soldiers in relatively recent times. I defintely recall reading that vinegar was used to disinfect wooden sailing ships in the days of fighting sail. I have also personally used white vinegar as a mild disinfectant in animal cages.