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    'Unknown' Generals

    Well, a lot of early Rome generals are overlooked when we talk about generals like Caesar but we forget the early generals who helped take Italy for Rome. For example there's Marcus Valerius Corvus who had quite an impressive military career. He defeated a giant Gaul army in 349 BC as a tribune He became consul again in 346 BC, defeats Volsci He became consul again in 343 BC, defeats Samnites 342 BC dictator 335 BC, consul, defeats Cales 301 BC dictator again 300 BC , consul, defeats Aequi, introduces law of appeal 299 BC, suffect consul, defeats Etruscans And he lived to be 100 (370 BC- 270 BC)
  2. lost legion23

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thanks, but the son of my second friend most of got his evilness from his mother. He's the most cheerful guy you could ever know.
  3. lost legion23

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    hey I got a couple of friends who want to find out their roman name the first one is eekihttsaclontln male the second is tvajliusn male (he doesn't have a middle name, does it matter?)
  4. I was on vacation for a couple days sorry it took so long to reply. Anyways, the stuff I've read on the campaign there were civilians with the legions in the promise of slaves to sell and loot to take, but that's what I read anyway.
  5. You know what? I agree completely. However, the ability of the opposing troops and leaders must be considered. Well, remember that in Teutoburg Forest, the Germans didn't need real, good leadership to kick the crap out of the Romans. They could just come in small or large parties and attack the Romans when they wanted. Of course it was a combination of the weather and lack of discipline inside the legions. Yet the lack of discipline could be fixed by kicking the civilians out of the mix and let the legions stay together, more of the legionnaires might have been saved then.
  6. lost legion23

    Where Is Every One From?

    I'm from Canada AND NO I DON'T LIVE IN AN IGLOO!!!!! That question gets very annoying.
  7. lost legion23

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    nselanbthchiteemwan male
  8. lost legion23

    what part of the army would you be in?

    Yeah, I'd like to command troops but I think I'd choose Principes because If the Hastati do their job good enough I wouldn't have to do too much.
  9. lost legion23

    The Mood Is Black

    You know, I agree with you on the terms of racism still happening to the blacks because they kind of want it to, but there is one mistake I saw, but it's kind of minor. Techinically Barack Obama is the 45th president because for 12 minutes Joe Biden was the 44th president. It was delayed for 12 minutes before Obama took his oath and, according to the rules, Joe Biden stepped in as president for 12 minutes because that's what the vice president was supposed to do. Plus, the singer who delayed it wasn't a good one either.
  10. Well, it"s not fair to say the Western Roman Empire relied on individual generals. For example, the Gallic tribes, when Caesar attacked, relied on Vercingtorix to protect them but when he failed they got conquered. But, like I have said before in one of the other forums i spoke on, if they had good leaders then the army did good, if under bad leadership they did horrible. I can also see why they needed to rely on good individual generals because since they started hiring mercenaries, the discipline and troop quality went down so you had to rely on good leadership to make good decisions with not the best troops in the Roman armies' existence. It's like grabbing an ordinary person, putting them on a bull with about 10 minutes to prepare. If the person teaching is good, the person will have a better chance than if the teacher is bad.
  11. Agreed, not only due to their threat to Roman homeland, but the stories of child sacrifice in Carthage are supremely outrageous if true (?) It was certainly a practice that originate in the Phoenician cities. thought I doubt it's was motive to the Roman war against Carthago and as far as I know they never try to ban the practice. Yeah, there have been many wars over a simple thing like ones religion but I agree that I don't think child sacrifice was the motive for the wars against Carthage, and remember the Roman religion wasn't so pretty itself.
  12. lost legion23

    Greatest Roman Generals?

    Now I realize I might not ever be able to win any debate against any of you but I believe the two reasons for Rome's success were it's great organization skills and capable military leaders that stepped up every so often. It was proven through the Roman's biggest defeats that if they had a capable leader they might of been able to win those battles. In the battle of Cannae if C. Terentius Varro didn't lead the Roman forces down the from higher ground where they had the advantage he led them down to the plains where it forced L. Aemilius Paullus to fight Hannibal on his terrain, the flat surface, the Romans might of had a chance, maybe. There the Romans got crushed and if it weren't for Scipio Africanus who led the force which crushed Carthage, Rome might have been crushed herself. In the battle of Carrhae Marcus Crassus was a complete fool motivated by glory and which in the end he died. Now, no general really showed up to save him, yet his two highest surviving officers showed great bravery in the Roman retreat. And finally one of the other great roman defeats was at Teutoburg Forest, where Publius Quinctilius Varus made a lot of mistakes. Of course, the Roman Army came back under better command and punished the germans. These three Roman defeats show how even the best armies can lose horribly if put under bad command and how if it weren't for good, capable generals who came along and helped defend Rome, we might not even be discussing anything much about Romans. Now the greatest general i could never tell, but Marcus Trajanus is up there with Julius Caeser.
  13. lost legion23

    Bush and historians

    Bush was a complete idiot, I wish one of those shoes actually hit him. I can't believe any human could talk about a war and smile and laugh about it. And when his plans didn't work he didn't point out that they were bad ideas he said he stood behind them 100%. I can't believe you Americans actually voted that man into the White House. Still, I'm gonna miss the stupid things he said. (By the way I'm not American I'm Canadian.)
  14. If anything I'd serve Scipio Africanus in beating Hannibal and earning a place in history as one of many great roman armies, but if under different circumstances I would want to be under the command of the great Gaius Julius Caesar, but since his option is civil war, not him. I never really did like Constantine the great. I can understand why he changed the capital of the Roman Empire but, like I said before, I never did like him.
  15. lost legion23

    What battle would you be in?

    I think I'd like to be the Romans at the Battle of Veii in 396 B.C. under the command of Marcus Furius Camillus, or any battle when he was in command really. He was a good commander.