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  1. Placida

    M. Iunius Brutus Name

    BRUTUS, the name of a plebeian family of the Junia Gens, which traced its descent from the first consul, L. Junius Brutus. (Comp. Cic. Phil. i. 6', Brut. 4.) It was denied by many of the ancients that this family could be descended from the first consul, first, because the latter was a patrician, and secondly, because his race became extinct at his death, as he had only two sons, who were executed by his own orders. (Dionys. v. 18, comp. vi. 70; Dion. Cass. xliv. 12; Pint. Brut. 1.) Posidonius, indeed, as
  2. Placida

    The colour of glass in antiquity

    My photos of Roman glass
  3. Placida

    Who's Your Favourite Historian?

    Dio Cassius
  4. I'm testing this Forum thing - Why am I a slave? Mary Beard gave the 2008 Sather Classical Lectures at Berkeley on the subject, so there will be a book forthcoming.