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    So so many to tell! Ancient Rome studies will always be on the top of my list. Being part of the Musik industry (Punk, Metal, Industrial), Touring, Playing drums, guitar, bass and synth...also recording and writing. Anything that gives me a good adrenylyn rush! I love x-treme sports! Doing Pyrotechnics and lighting is also a great love of mine. I have "Wonderlust", I can never sit still in one place for too long!
  1. Rompe

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    count me in on this one!
  2. Rompe

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    I would Love to be included in this. One can never get enough about the City or go there enough times. Always something new to learn!
  3. Rompe

    Steeple Flying

    I have never heard of this before, but am so glad you brought this topic forward! I am an x-treme sports junkie and do a lot of things like this....I have wondered where it has gotten its big start from. I could tell this was not a new "Fad". It always reminded me of one of those things that had a history behind it.
  4. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,560145,00.html
  5. In a couple hours from this post there will be a repeat of "rome: engineering an empire" on history intnl channel which shows a recreation of the palace at about the middle of it's two hour run. Does anyone happen to have this online or know where to find this programm? I was unable to watch it on TV and would love to see it. Even if it is just this portion with Neros Palace in it.
  6. Rompe


    I tried to D/L this as well and can not get it to work. I keep getting a "message error" that the board will not allow me to d/l this?!
  7. Rompe

    The Flavian Amphitheater: Actual Name?

    Did you try saying the name in Italian, Colosseo? Yes, that I did. It was the 2nd way I tried pronouncing it to the person I was asking. Maybe it was due to my accent (Deutsch) that was throwing them off? I have been told that my Italian can sound odd due to my accent that I speak with.
  8. Rompe

    Giant Rats and Frogs with Fangs!

    I remember seeing Rats down in Mexico and in the New York USA subway system...I thought those were big (which they were), but they still do not stack up to this rodent that they found. Still freaky though to see rats roaming the streets that are as big, if not bigger, than chihuahua dogs. It is freaky. Certain places around Berlin can have some pretty big rats too. Especially if you go into the sewer systems at night! Nothing ever wrong with having a Good sense of humor!
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,556983,00.html Yet more stories on the brain eatters of the world!
  10. Rompe

    Solar eclipse stops ancient battle

    Intresting how cultures have reacted to eclipses and such. In Tibet (or for the Tibetans) they look at it as a really bad Omen. They bang pots, clap and stick out their tongues (all trying to drive off the evil unwanted spirits). Comets were another thing that could really set things off and be looked at in so many different ways as well.
  11. Rompe

    Giant Rats and Frogs with Fangs!

    If rats did have a sence of humor, I wonder what kind of "kick" they would get out of the mass freak-outs that some people do in Underground Transport (subways) do when they see one scamper across the floor. Even if it is photoshopped, still an intresting find...especially with the other species that they have found. It is quite the find!
  12. Rompe

    Caligula acted crazy because...

    I couldn't agree more. The life and doings of the first emperors has been reported to us by authors who disliked the new system very much. It would be so wonderful to find out how the Emperors and such people that had been writen about, actually were without all the propoganda around them being written. There would more-than-likely (IMO) be a re-write of some if not a lot of history if people really knew the truth. I have a book on Caligula where the writer writes (or tries to to the best of his abilities) how Caligula really was without the "bad press" that he got. I am in the process of reading it. Allan Massie wrote it and it is simply titled "Caligvla". Of course it is told in a story styled manner, but its nice to read a book that focuses more on "truths" and less on propoganda.
  13. This is such a find! To think I was in almost the exact spot a few months ago. The story is so big, FoxNews.com even has it on their front page..which rarely happens with stories like this. It is the 2nd most read story right now =) I can not wait to see new fotos/videos of more that they find. Wonder if they will ever open it up like they do other parts of the "Golden Palace" once they are done with the main excavation process? Would be so wonderful to see in person.
  14. Rompe

    The Flavian Amphitheater: Actual Name?

    I found it very intresting that when I was in Rome this past time, Where I was staying, I did not know the area. I had to ask a resident how I get to the Colosseum from where I was staying. They did not know it by the Colosseum, Flavian Ampetheater or any other way I could phrase it. Only when I showed them the "visitors map" that I get whenever I am there and I showed them the place on the map where it shows it, did they know what it was. I tried "Arena" and whatever other name I could think of, but still they were highly confused. Is there another term that the Italians use in todays day and age that I do not know of to call the Flavian Ampetheater by?
  15. Rompe

    Giant Rats and Frogs with Fangs!

    I think that rodent could have eatten all the cats that I used to own its so big. Freaky thing is too, they are guessing that this was the rodents first encounter with humans at all, they were saying that it walked right up to them as if it was domesticated and it was very friendly! I am just wondering how "friendly" a frog with fangs could be?