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  1. analogmusicman

    personal hygiene in Rome

    does anyone have any info? like,what did the common people do on a daily basis as far as hygiene? did they brush their teeth? was there even a bathroom in your everyday insulae apartment? was there running water in the insulae? I know they threw the contents of the "chamber pot" out the window. was there an open sewer in the street? tnx,
  2. analogmusicman

    Dating in Later Roman Empire ( - 300-400 AD)

    the actual calendar that we use today, AD/BC, didn't make it's debut until the sixth century AD when Dionysis Exigisuus figured it all out at the behest of one of the pope's. dates before that are not exact, especially when you get down to days. tnx,
  3. analogmusicman

    voting in Rome

    yes I'm new and haven't studied Rome for all that long but this subject of voting interests the heck out of me. I mean really, did the plebs have any real say as to what went on or did the rich guys have all the power? did voting mean anything?