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  1. Legate

    Psychology of Legionnaries

    It was a different era. People thought differently then.
  2. Legate

    Top ten Roman Atrocities?

    I completely agree. Of all the Roman atrocities, the one that makes me particularly sick is the idea of leading a defeated king out in a triumph and then having him ritually strangled. A brave warrior like Vercingetorix deserved more chivalry. Maybe if you were in Caesar's shoes you'd think differently. War has no sympathy or compassion my friend.
  3. Would've been the same result. Surrounded as you are by overwhelming numbers.
  4. Legate

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    The problem is, the real question must be "is there any evidence that Germanicus was killed at all?". With the available evidence, the answer must be "No"; period. It was noted that Germanicus skin showed evidence of poison.
  5. The only problem with that is that by the time the enemy is trying to pull the bent javelin out, a Roman soldier would be upon him. They were designed to bend with soft medal just behind the tip. The power or force of the throw and the weight of the shaft would ensure the tip would push through the target. Once through, the shaft would bend down.
  6. Legate

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    The problem is, this issue will always be subject to speculation. Piso and the paranoid Tiberius seem like candidates but Sejanus seems most likely. The man wanted power for himself, and nothing would stand in his way until his actions got the better of him in the end. How many times have we seen this in history?
  7. Legate

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    When i was young, i'd get out the encyclopaedia and read about ancient Greece and Rome. My interest grew because i was fascinated by the armed forces. The way they fought, they marched built fortifications. These guys were real men! Everything they did, they did with their own hands. And most importantly, the fighting was hand to hand combat as well. No hiding behind trees and firing a gun. I have utmost respect for these ancient people. Especially Rome.