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    Jefferson County, West Virginia, USA
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    Activities:Cycling; Hiking; Running; Canyoneering; General Mucking Around in the Woods, the Mountains, and the Canyons.<br />Interests:Italy, Italian (the language), Ancient Rome, Medieval Italy, Renaissance Italy, Art, Cooking, Geology, Gardening, Good Coffee, Scotch Whiskey.<br />Favorite Music:Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, Eddie Vedder, Whatever is On the RadioFavorite <br />TV Shows:NOVA, Frontline, 60-Minutes, Bill Moyer's Journal, Charlie Rose, NOW, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, Anything Hosted By Maria Hinojosa. . .Or Susan Spencer.<br />Favorite Movies:Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Smiley's People; Razor's Edge [the one with Bill Murray]; No Country for Old Men; Fight Club; Love in the Time of Cholera; Dune; Wallace and Grommit; Anything with Helen Mirren [he sighs]. . .or Laura Linney. . .or Franka Potente. . .or Brad Dourif.<br />Favorite Books:Le Carre's stuff, Joe Conrad's stuff, Kurt Vonnegut's stuff, Umberto Ecco's stuff, Dune, Roman-Italian-Ancient, Midieval, Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Modern Biography and History, Geology Books.<br />Favorite Quotations:<br />Ed Abbey's stuff.<br />Also:<br />"Be part of something bigger than yourself." <br />Jacquline Johnson, Microbiology Team Leader<br />"Coyote my man, don't bleed before you see the knife."<br />Glen Frye (the Supervisor, not the Musician)<br />"Coyote my man, happiness is a ****(mess)-up you didn't have nothin' to do with!".<br />Glen Frye<br />

    Your Favourite Roman God

    I have to claim 'Her', too. [Note my "handle"] In fact, I wear an Hadriatic coin with Fortuna AVG[usta] on the reverse. Sulla [and long after, Napoleon] were on to something when they observed that 'luck' follows some of us like an undeserved benefit from the Gods. Not quite right... For myself, I believe we make our own 'luck' by living in the context of understanding how This Existence actually works. 'Luck'... 'Fortuna's Favor'... They are nothing more than preparing oneself for opportunity. Dumb behavior is not rewarded. Smart behavior is rewarded. It's Her Law. Ominously, She was also the Goddess of Bad Fortune, too. - Michele Stefano Arancio

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    As Fortuna's Favorite, I'm confident that soon the book will be headed this way.

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    My choice was 'a little bit of everything', but that doesn't really capture the obsession. As close as I can come to explaining my passion is the rain of tears that [in spite of my best effort to suppress them] cascade down my face when I burst onto Piazza della' Rotunda after dark and behold Hadrian's Pantheon. Of course, every incrotio in Italy provides a similar opportunity to be staggered to tears over the events that took place there and their significance for everything we know, even now. Last year, I scared the *** out of some Japanese tourists when I bawled like little girl before Titiano's La Venere d'Urbino. [Yeah, not Roman, but I make scant distinction for these high points of Rome's legacy.] It's to stand in those places and hear all those ancient voices that inrtigue me. By the way, Fortuna willing I'll turn 60 in Campus Martuis next June.

    Fear mongering

    It occurs to me that the citizens of this Forum are in a position to take the 'long view' of all this silly angst. Be faithful to the principles of our heritage and know that we survive and prevail over the temporary ascendancy of [in the words of the US President] "small men with oversized rage". We are Rome's inheritors and we take the "long view".