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  1. Pompeii

    All about Caligula

    I know a website that has post on caligula, take a look at it
  2. Pompeii

    Caligula acted crazy because...

    "Let them hate so long as they fear me"I know a website where they have a post about Caligula
  3. Pompeii

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    Germanicus is have been said to very popular. Also his wife Agrippina. Tiberius was jealous of Germanicus because of his popularity and assumed that the people and the senate would make him emperor of Rome. After that He exiled the whole family the only reason lil Gais (Caligula) and his sisters Agrippina the younger, Drusilla, and Livilla survived all this was youth, Agrippina the elder (Germanicus wife), Drussus and Nero didnt share the same fate. They either died of starvation of commited suicide.
  4. Pompeii

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    Germanicus was poisoned by the governor of Syria Gnaeus Piso and was ordered by Tiberius. According to Seutonious "The Twelve Caesars" Later on tried by the senate and executed.
  5. Pompeii

    Movies or series I would love to see:

    That was a great episode "Battle for Rome - Revolution" thats what its called here in the united states, it has been said that Tiberius was the first one over the wall in Carthage.