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  1. I was under the impression they fought for the amount of time needed. I know military commanders where sometimes given command for years. Soldiers were also complaining about the length of service. I believe soldiers were drafted for the amount of time needed. Wasn
  2. While I agree the sky wouldn
  3. True that Marian reform didn
  4. 9544bhana

    Anthony and Octavian troops exchange

    I find it hard to believe Appian and other historian would miss such a critical aspect that divide Augustus and Anthony. The consol Ahenobarbus that lay charges against Octavian to try to limit his power accused Octavian of many charges like removing Lepidus and not giving Anthony his share of Sicily but never said anything about Octavian breaking his words about 20000 troops. I thought that would be the first charge he should have listed against Octavian. I know Anthony and Octavian wanted to destroy each other but neither wanted to appear as the aggressor. I am trying to find Anthony motives. Octavian defeated Sextus and took over Lepidus forces changing the balance of power while about the same time Anthony suffered costly defeat in the east. Was Anthony goading Octavian into a war? Sending his sister away, donation of Alexandria and building 400 ships. He must of know Octavian would see these action as moves against him.
  5. I read on Plutarch that Anthony and Octavian made a deal for exchange of military troops. Anthony provided 120 ships and Octavian was supposes to provide Anthony with 20000 troops for his eastern campaign. Anthony held his end of the deal but Octavian didn
  6. 9544bhana

    Evidence of Roman Colonies in India?

    I disagree we know the emperor Augustus received an ambassador from India while he was in Gaul. He also received another ambassador later who came with a Hindu monk who burned himself as part of his religion. The monsoon river allowed the Greek and Romans to travel India. They are references from Indian sources about Roman coming with Gold and leaving with spices. While roman sources tell of senator complaining how much gold was going to India. The trading wasn
  7. 9544bhana

    Why did Augustus Select Such a Bad Heir

    I agree with caldrail I also like to add the following points. Let also don
  8. 9544bhana

    agrippa & augustus

    I think there was more than one simple reason for Agrippa to try and take over from Augustus. First loyalty. Agrippa owed his position to Octavian. Without Octavian support and patronage Agrippa family position would have never allowed him to have a senior military command. They were mostly taken by senators or wealthy newcomers who became part of the senate. Octavian also made Agrippa marry into his family first with his niece and later his daughter Julia binding him to his family. Second success. Agrippa was a great military leader but there was no guarantee a coup against Octavian would have been successful. A lot of Anthony solider who knew Octavian for example the Legion in Italy and Macedonia went over to Octavian side before he proved himself as a leader. Those solider in Gaul and Spain who didn