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  1. Grondhammar

    What was the daily routine in the roman world after sunset?

    The "first and second sleep" idea is primarily the brainchild of Roger Ekirch at Virginia Tech (US), put forth in his book At Day's Close. I'd encourage anyone to simply pick the book up --- from a library. You'll want to return it. Ekirch's blanket assertions and plainly romanticised view of pre-industrial society give one second thoughts about the book's message. As caesar novus pointed out above, anyone who has done extended camping/trekking knows that getting up in the middle of the night is not an enlightened and natural pattern.
  2. Grondhammar

    The 7 Lost Cities of Roman Britain?

    He doesn't... but on a reread, nor does he use the term "city" but rather "town" in each mention of Corbridge. He doesn't say specifically he's making the distinction between civitas and vicus, but by avoiding "city" he's probably steering away from that particular claim. Sorry for the misinformation there!
  3. Hello UNRV! I've been a member previously, but it's been years. I took my BA in Classics, then an MS in Computer Science and have been trudging in the code mines for many years now. I'm returning to my first love, having spent a lot of time recently researching the late empire in Britain and northern Germany/Denmark. This has been such a great site for such a long time -- good info, great people, helpful atmosphere. Hope to meet all you fine folks in the forum!
  4. Grondhammar

    The 7 Lost Cities of Roman Britain?

    I can't speak to other cities, but in The Last Legionary, (p. 70 and elsewhere), Paul Elliott states that Coria/Corbridge was the primary industrial city supplying the fort at Praesidium.