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  1. They even left a graffiti in the Hagia Sofia: http://thornews.com/2014/06/26/viking-graffiti-in-hagia-sophia-halvdan-carved-these-runes/
  2. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Come on, you guys! Try harder with this clue: Hooligans shouting "Nika!, nika!, nika!" Auris Arrectibus
  3. Megalomania & Tommorow's History: Bronze bust of Putin as a roman Emperor to be unveiled. The St. Petersburgs' Cossack community has promised to mark Russia's anniversary of the allied vistory over the Nazis by unveiling a bronze bust of russian president Vladimir Putin depicted as a roman emperor. http://www.newsweek.com/bronze-bust-putin-roman-emperor-be-unveiled-315094 Well, I like to thank the Russians for their magnificent contributions in WW2 to free Europe from the Nazis. But this ..... Weird guys, those Cossacks. Auris Arrectibus
  4. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    No, not complicated: So far the clues are: "There must be twelve of these and they were demolished by Nike" => Not all the sheep were found, just 10. The others are still buried beneath the third building on the same site. => Eastern part of the Empire => It's not Ephesus => In the same city is a column with the pagan symbols of nike combined with the Chi-Rho on the same pedestal => Try to use nike in a verb as an imperative Auris Arrectibus
  5. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Good question, Viggen. The sheep fell into the ground. They were excavated and now they lay next to the the third building that was build on this site. Once they belonged to the second one. The other sheep must be still somewhere underneath the building ... If there are any other sheep ... presumably, because there are expected to be 12 of them. Auris
  6. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Right you are, Viggen! This city is in the Eastern Half of the Empire. Auris
  7. For example, compare social-cultural behaviour at the highways: When you drive by car from Holland to Italy. From Northern Europe to South, status of a car gets more important. - First, all drivers behave like they all have the same rights to drive in the left lane, although not speeding up or having the right lanes empty no matter the size of a car. - Going south, drivers with bigger cars get more irritated about this phenomenon and little cars choose the most right lane, driving less fast and dwelling in their step on the ladder of hierarchy. - When you cross the Alpes, the biggest cars rule the left lane giving signals with car headlights to the others to move from their lane. - Passing the Apennine Mountains, don't be supprised to be pushed from the left lane using horns to remind the less fortunate of their lower status at the highway. In the Netherlands the egalitarian system of administration is ascribed to the struggle against the water. The oldest form of democratic goverment -still exist today- is that of the "Waterschappen" (water management): Common interest to keep dykes in good condition and keep the water out. Everyone has to contribute and maintain their part of the dyke, no matter what status. If just one doesn't, everyone suffers the consequenses. We call it the "polder model": a lot of talking, listen to each others opinions and compromise so anyone could benefit. Don't know if Vikings ever did interfere. I do understand why the protestant religion got popular in such a community as the Netherlands. Auris Arrectibus
  8. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    No not Ephesus. Nike is the cryptic one, focus on the imperative verb. AIthough, in the same city the godess Nike is depicted on the pedestal of a column with the Chi-Rho sign on another side: Both pagan and christian symbols. The sheep fell about 80 years after the column was erected. Auris Arrectibus
  9. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Okay, I try to be cryptic in return: "There must be twelve of these and they were demolished by Nike." Solve this one and you will know the city. So the picture below I took where some of them they were found. Auris Arrectibus
  10. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    "The Place by the Pool" is referring to the iron-age Brayford Pool. The Romans call it Colonia Lindum. Auris Arrectibus
  11. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Hi GoC, That's a bit cryptic answer. I think you mean by Artemisia Dracunculus, the herb tarragon. And so referring to the city Tarraco, nowadays Tarragona. The two don't have any mutual roots. In english the city is sometimes spelled as Tarragon. Riddle solved. And by that: Correct answer! The amphitheatre of Tarraco was build in 2nd AD next to the seashore. I took this picture standing on top of the Praetorium Tower, next to the circus which is for most parts subterrenean. When you visit the nearby Placa de la Font for lunch, you still recognize the outline of the circus below the pavement. You're next. Auris Arrectibus
  12. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Next clue: This city was loyal to the Romans during the 2nd Punic War.
  13. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Hi Viggen, No, it 's not in north Africa. At a maqueta I saw, the position of coastline of the mare nostrum didn't change there that much over 2.000 years. Auris Arrectibus
  14. Auris Arrectibus

    The Via Egnatia

    Hi Cinzia, The Stanford-site calculates it would take 16 days to get from Brundisium to Constantinopolis in sping, travelling the fastest way as a civillian by foot over land and sea. See the printscreen below. Safe trip, Auris Arrecitibus
  15. Auris Arrectibus

    Guess the ancient city!

    Hi all, I have had some difficulties to post a picture. Still, for copy-paste text in a message, but not for posting a picture. Next: Guess the ancient city! Game on! Auris Arrectibus