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  1. timrudi

    Interview with Steven Saylor

    Absolutely delightful interview!!
  2. timrudi

    Ten moments that shook the Roman world

    Great 'time-line'. Most helpful for an overview. Again, thanks.
  3. timrudi

    Gold coin may be key to solve Sweden's 'Pompeii'

    What the heck - interesting potentials here. So, I'll take some time now to belabour you with some few of my thoughts: For there to be any collective and/or social memory of the place and the events we are looking at the violation of major Taboo structures on all sides. Not just mass killing and refusal of burial. The events which led up to the mass killing and stimulated the resident group to kill must have been quite a series of major violations in themselves. These people (victims?) were not taken and subjected to judgement, etc. But were killed and left to rot. "Ground sowed with salt" type of thing. Seems nothing was ever done with the ground itself...in an area of limited soil/tillable land?? Hmmm. Seems that even the ground was considered un-clean/un-safe and to be left fallow. "Who knows what might grow from such ground?" Leaving the bodies to rot would have been un-pleasant for those who lived near/around the site. Major Taboos would have to be over come by the violation of greater Taboos and for this taint to remain for over a thousand years?? I am unaware of any claims of 'psychic' activity for this site but have not investigated the anecdotal material, if any. Usually there is some and may not be freely/openly spoken of. If the site is still, 2014, considered to be un-safe...this would tend to indicate that some major collective trauma is still referenced within this community, at least. Love to know more about it and the events surrounding the mass killing. History is such a delightfully revealing place. Humans do leave such marvelous trace evidences of their passage.
  4. timrudi

    Gold coin may be key to solve Sweden's 'Pompeii'

    I will have to get back to you as I am in the midst of a project. It'll be a day or two - but, "I will be back".
  5. timrudi

    Gold coin may be key to solve Sweden's 'Pompeii'

    That the place as place is still remmbered as 'dangerous' is , imho, quite interesting. Several reasons for this present themselves to mind. Thanks for the citation.
  6. timrudi

    Your Favourite Roman God

    My favorite god within the Roman group is Venus-Urantia. Such a genesis - and yet she remains mis-identified with 'love' and selfless love at that. I would have thought that she would be transparent to our modern society with all its Jungian, et alia, allegorical de-constructionists. But no, it seems she remains "The Goddess of Love". But then how do we regard Eros as Cupid?
  7. Hello, I am posting - for the first time - simply to say how much I have enjoyed this site and its forum topics over the course of some time. My interests are related to the recurring nature of phenomena within a social matrix of central sophistication and devolving intricacy as the centers of a society are left. This was so in Rome and remains so today. I shall not post often or over much as I am busy with researches into the field of semiotics and non-conscious cognitive functions of the brain and their relation to the developing collective psyche' of the masses. These absorb most of my time but I do find reading the posts and forums to be quite relaxing . So, again, I thank you and express my appreciation to you and for your efforts - delightful.