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  1. Aquila Volo

    Empire Or Republic?

    Any form of government has its ups and downs. How can you rate a government? By finances? By territory gained? By time period? Eventually all governments hit a snag somewhere.
  2. Not completely...but they help...that's what my research said, too..
  3. What about Marius' legion; Primigenia? They weren't able to protect the city, but Sulla did use some tricks. They should still be honored.
  4. Aquila Volo


    Wow, listening to you guys makes me wish that I didn't live in Hawaii, where History is frowned upon.
  5. Aquila Volo

    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    I agree with Scanderbeg, Christianity had little to do with the fall of the Empire. So what if they changed religions? One of the biggest problems was the economy. They went through the big economic problem that comes with capitalism; the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. Eventualy, the inflation just destroys the system.
  6. Yes, but SPQR stands for "Senate and Populus of Rome" and they did still serve the people, though some of the emperors didn't think so.