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  1. I'm relieved to see that some forums are still Invision. That said, this one is not very intuitive to navigate. I had trouble finding my own account. What a shame the old Invision smileys aren't around anymore.
  2. Valka D'Ur

    Significance of Avatar/ Profile Name

    Wow, some of these threads haven't been used in years! But since I'm here, I might as well answer. My name here is one I use on a gaming forum. My avatar was cropped from a lolcat picture. The cat is wearing a toga and laurel wreath. His name is Clawdius.
  3. Strange that this was posted on November 25, but I'm only getting it today (December 2)...? Anyway, best of luck to you, Viggen.
  4. Valka D'Ur


    Regarding the comment above about the Romans being "Godless"... no, they weren't. In fact, they had quite a lot of gods and goddesses. Pantheism isn't so common in our modern world, but it was part of the Roman world for many centuries. It's as much a valid expression of religious thought as any other.
  5. Valka D'Ur

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    I find it hard to accept that Agrippina would have been involved in this. I've never seen any historian give the impression that Germanicus was a bad husband or father, and can't imagine what she would have sought to gain from his death.
  6. Is there any way to have a similar arrangement with Amazon.ca (Canada)?
  7. Valka D'Ur

    Pronouncing Latin

    And then we have modern speakers who, based on how most of us pronounce "Caesar," would pronounce it "see-lis."
  8. Valka D'Ur

    The History of Lorem Ipsum

    I came across this regularly years ago when I was learning about blogs and searching for templates.
  9. Hello! I'm curious; do you teach Roman history? I took an introductory course in the early '90s, and the instructor was upfront that some students became upset when he got around to discussing the Crucifixion. In our class, two students walked out in the middle of a lecture. Have you ever had difficulties like that? My instructor was being entirely factual, no bias whatsoever.
  10. Valka D'Ur

    Ben Hur 2016

    I don't watch movies in the theatre, so if this gets made I wouldn't see it until it became available on TV or Netflix. I'm quite content with the Charlton Heston version. I have my doubts that any modern production could pull off a chariot race anywhere near as mesmerizing as the original.
  11. Valka D'Ur

    Funny ancient history books

    Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists received a rather scathing review on Amazon. Apparently most of it isn't really historically accurate, and the material that is, consists of things that most Roman history buffs already know.
  12. There's not a lot about the movie "Gladiator" that is historically accurate.
  13. Hello, everyone. I have been interested in Roman history for many years, particularly after seeing I, Claudius back in the '70s. Since then I've done a lot of reading, watched a fair number of documentaries, and joined a bilingual Latin/English forum. I never had the chance to take Latin in school, so I'm trying to learn what I can now. I'm happy to have found this site and look forward to exploring and learning more.