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  1. Salut, Viggen, I am glad this was brought up. There is much dissimulation over the early Christian church and how Constantine is either vilified or sainted, neither of which I feel he warrants. Looking back in history tells me that Constantine was no better or worse than any of our modern politicians! Tell people what they want to hear, consolidate your power, find those you believe would be good political assets and exploit them...same is always same! Most of my knowledge of the time(s) stems from reading the works of the early Christian church fathers. If interested, here is a link address for them: http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/index.html It seems to me that Constantine's ear was heavily pulled by the Gnostic heretical sect to make the edicts he did. Constantine was a sun-worshiper which is why the Sabbath was changed by order of men (and from God) from Saturday, the last day of the week, to Sunday, the first day of the week. Other heathen practices were added to the neo-orthodoxy of Constantine's time. Christianity was slowly being eroded in its Gospel message due to Roman pagan practices that were part of the cultural times. If you have more information on Constantine, I'd love to learn more since my opinion is not based on exhaustive research.
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