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  1. the5500th

    Ancient Abortion

    Thanks. Why would the women at the brothel in england not use these metheds and have an abortion rather then waiting until the child was 4 months old or did I read the artical wrong. ALso does anybody know if Roman military camps contained prostitutes as other ancient militaries did.
  2. the5500th

    Ancient Abortion

    Hello UNRV members, I was reading the report on this website about the possibility of a Roman brothel being found in England with a dozens of babies being buried there. These babies are thought to be the unwanted children of the prostetutes working at the brothel. I was wondering if there were anything that a pregnant woman who did not want the child could do in ancient times that would be along the lines of an abortion. Also I know that ancient armies would have prostatutes amongst the camp followers and I always asumed the same went for the Roman army but I was just reading about Roman military camp life and there was no metion of them and so I went and did a little research and found nothing about prostatutes and the Roman army. Thanks
  3. the5500th

    Alexander Murdered?

    I think it was less likely that it was because of Alexanders own behavior and more likely that it was by men like Antipater who who thought he was going to be killed himself or else another man who was power hungry. I doubt that it was a large-scale plan but was probably arranged by just a few men.
  4. the5500th

    The Flynn effect

    Well I think that the Flynn affect is relevant only so far back. Somebody with an I.Q. of 60 is special needs and even somebody with an I.Q. of 80 would be in the special class at school. Now Men like Archimedes, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were all obviously above the average intelligence so are we to assume that that they had I.Q.s of 60 or were the smart people as smart as the smart people of modern times under this theory. To finish a person with an I.Q. of 48 would not be able to understand Roman law, properly understand books by Roman authors or even know the points politicians were arguing. I think the fact that we have Roman books and letters like those of Cicero show that their is no way that Romans were all special needs but that rather they were ignorant of the world and more easily lead because of the lack of easily accessible information.
  5. the5500th

    Three word story

    of a great...
  6. the5500th

    Rome Game

  7. the5500th

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand

    Guys don't buy this just torrent it, its faster and free.
  8. the5500th

    Rome Game

    Can I be Marcus Salvius Otho. At the beginning of the game he is in Rome with Nero right. What exactly can Otho do and what can Nero do, what are the rules and regulations if there are any.
  9. Ya, that is a very weird article.
  10. the5500th

    Greatest Roman Generals?

    I would Say Julius Caesar and Quintus Sertorius were first with Scipio close behind foolwed by Sulla.
  11. the5500th


    He was a bad emporer and a bad person even if every story was exaggerated.
  12. the5500th


    I think we're all forgetting he kicked his wike to death and I think she might even have been pregnant. People like Julius Caesar were not cruel like Nero. Caesar was only really cruel in warfare and even then less so then other men of his time so to say they were all cruel is an exaggeration. I think it should be noted as well that Nero killed his own mother, if that doesn't scream sycho I don't know what does.
  13. the5500th

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    Me to please!
  14. the5500th

    Losses at Cannae

    The men it the army at the time of Cannae all owned property so many of them probably did not live in the city itself. I could only find population numbers for later dates which make the put the Roman population arround 1,000,000 two hundered years later so it would have been smaller at the time of the Second Punic War. between 45,000 and 80,000 Romans were killed or captured at Cannae so even if the battle took place when Rome had 1,000,000 people and then 1 in 20, possibly more would have been lost ad Cannae. Of this population of 1,000,000 more then half of theose would have been non-citizens or Women. It is important to note that most of Romes allies who fought with them against Hannibal were not full citizens.
  15. the5500th

    passage in Gallic Wars

    That makes perfect sense then. I think your new translation makes good sense as it would be harder to break through close, solid formation. I know that is completely the opposite of what I siad before but if Caesar meant "although" rather then "when" the meaning is obviously different. Its cool you went and translated it yourself, most people just trust the translator of the book.