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  1. Ceres

    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    "The fall of Rome was result of Emperor Constantine, his favour of the Christians, and his establishment of Constantinople as the new capital of the empire." ...Or that was my thesis of my senior research paper I just finished writing today... I really just like the word "Constantinople" and decided I should write a paper in which I can use that word several times.
  2. Cleopatra was of Roman decent... or so I remember from my English II class.
  3. For the most part, they did. But I'd imagine later on in the life of the city, they would have adopted new ways of doin things. It amazes me that the Romans used little to no punctuation and the like when writing. And in all caps too... wow. ITWOULDBELIKEWRITINGLIKETHISALLTHETIMEYOUWOULDHAVEAHARDTIMEREADINGASENTANCEORAWHOLELETTEROREVENAPOEMLIKETHIS I'm sure, however, that the individual words sort of popped out to them as those English words do to me... but still... I tihnk I'd go crazy trying to read a novel written like that...
  4. I think you both much for your contributions. I rather like the idea that Rome was doomed to fall since nothing lasts forever... Perhaps I could turn my research paper into a comparison of the Roman Empire to the United States... Is the U.S. doomed to fall as Rome did so many years ago?
  5. I suppose I should introduce myself. Just call me Ceres... It's the name I go by in Latin class. I'm a high school senior in Kentucky, US of A that is in her 3rd year of Latin. I have an extreme love for the language, for Roman culture, and Roman history. When I head off to college in the fall, I'll be majoring in Theatre Arts with a minor in Latin and a minor in French. Umm... I stumbled across this forum as I was searching for information about the fall of Rome and my need of a thesis statement for a research paper about such (which I've posted about on this board... help me?)... And I suppose that's really all I have to say... So... salvete et vos convenire gaudio.
  6. Ceres

    Best Roman Emperor

    I've always found Caligula exceedingly interesting... Quite an odd duck he was... The best, though? Probably Augustus...
  7. Yes, I've become quite aware that there were several reasons for the fall of Rome, and as I've begun to lurk around these topics and posts, I realize that the members are asked quite a lot about Rome's fall. I'm a level III Latin student who is also taking Advanced Placement English. We are required as senior Enlgish students to write a senior research paper. Since we are an AP class, our magistra wishes us to have a thesis in our paper. And understandably so. My dilemma is that, while I wish to do my paper on the Fall of Rome and it's causes, I seem to lack a thesis statement. I would appreciate any help in finding this thesis statement for my research paper. I am supposted to have it turned in by Thursday the 21st of April, but seeing as my magistra is just about my best friend (or so she and I joke), I might be able to bide myself some time. Thanks much, mei amici.