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  1. Hi Folks.  I'm a first time author and wrote a novel about the Gracchi Brothers.  I am looking for a literary agent or publisher.  Any thoughts

  2. Lucius Venustinius Cavus

    Marcus Aurelius was a bad + military leader

    Avidius Cassius seems to have been the Great general that both Verus and Aurelius relied upon.
  3. Lucius Venustinius Cavus

    Marcus Aurelius: Reasons He Wasn't a Great Emperor

    I noticed while doing just a general reading of Avidius Cassius, that Faustina supposedly feared the growing power of Lucilla's husband, Tiberius Claudius Pompeianus. But he turned down the thrown several times after the death of Marcus, so that does not seem to hold water. It seems to me that she was every bit the schemer, perhaps instigating Cassius to claim the throne after the erroneous news of the Emperors death reached him. Up until declaring for the Purple, Avidius Cassius was well loved by both Verus and Aurelius. On another forum it is stated he did not even mint coins, which is very rare. Perhaps he did it to safeguard Aurelius' legacy and family. He is a very interesting man with an even more interesting bloodline.