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    The Roman Empire reborn?

    I have a thought experiment for you. What would it take to have the Roman Empire (or Republic) make a comeback? What bare minimums would recreate a recognizable Roman Empire? Here are a few I brainstormed: 1. Must contain city of Rome 2. Latin official language of government 3. Roman Senate active 4. Army using Roman terms. Legion = division, Cohort = battalion, century = company. Dux = 3-star general, etc Further questions: 1. Would there be an official religion? I don’t think there would have to be. Maybe nominally Catholic in the west. Tolerance for all faiths would probably be the law. 2. Who would be considered a citizen? Everyone? 3. Would slavery exist? It’s hard to imagine Rome without it but the point of this experiment, after all, is a modern Rome.
  2. I have a question that I can never seem to find an answer to. How, especially during the civil wars, were armies raised outside Rome? For example, I read that Brutus and Pompey gathered an army in Greece to face off against Caesar. What I want to know is where did those legionaries come from? Were they living in Greece? In a colonia? Did they side with Brutus ideologically and travel from Italy to Greece? Were they actually Greeks and not Romans at all? If so, why would they get involved?