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Found 6 results

  1. I have a question that I can never seem to find an answer to. How, especially during the civil wars, were armies raised outside Rome? For example, I read that Brutus and Pompey gathered an army in Greece to face off against Caesar. What I want to know is where did those legionaries come from? Were they living in Greece? In a colonia? Did they side with Brutus ideologically and travel from Italy to Greece? Were they actually Greeks and not Romans at all? If so, why would they get involved?
  2. What do you think about Caesar's storytelling ambitions? Did anyone read something made by Caesar? We all know several quotes made by himself, and we even learn it in schools. So, do you think his oral ambition helped him in ruling the empire? http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-famous-people/veni-vidi-scripsi-literary-conquests-gaius-julius-caesar-009060
  3. I am privileged to interview Dr. Francesco Galassi on behalf of UNRV. He and his co-author Huton Ashrafian wrote the interesting and thought-provoking book, “Julius Caesar’s Disease: A new Diagnosis.” Guy S. für UNRV: Dr. Galassi, how did you become interested in the study of paleopathology (the study of ancient diseases in man and animals)? More specifically, what inspired you to reevaluate the health of Julius Caesar? ...continue to the interview with Francesco Galassi! Thanks @guy and Francesco
  4. The book titled "The Assasination of Julius Caesar" by Michael Parenti, makes for compelling reading. It provides a detailed account of the events leading up to, and including, the fatefull Ides of March. Written from what I can only term a modern day "plebian" perspective, Parenti separates the book into chapters which compliment each other. They range in subject from discussions about Caesar the Popularis, to Cicero.....the conservative but brilliant orator who's position at the time was certainly anti Caesar, and whose same position has been adopted time and time again by historians ever since those fatefull days of the late republic... ...read the full review of The Assassination Of Julius Caesar by Michael Parenti
  5. At the moment I am doing research for a personal study on, what extent the Roman warlords were responsible for the fall of the republic. The specific time period I am looking into is from around 133BC (with the Gracchi reforms) to 23BC (Early Years of Augustus’ Reign) I would be grateful of any information or views of this area you could provide me with, even a reading list would be massively beneficial. The thing that will be of greatest importance to me is views and opinions on who or what was responsible for fall of the Republic.
  6. caldrail

    Flash And Thunder

    There it was again - Another flicker of light. What on earth is going on? Curiosity got the better of me and I opened the back window last night to try and see what was causing that phenomenon. It was a pretty ordinary evening. Not too cold, perhaps a bit damp, and apart from the odd swish of a passing car, or the flitter of a bat to and fro, nothing stirred. The local cat was making its way home across the yard, a sign that the foxes were coming out to play. Then I realised what those strange flickers were. Far away to the west a thunderstorm was in progress, too far away for thunder to be heard. Normally our vision is very limited in stormy weather and we only get a more immediate and dramatic experience. It just so happened there wasn't much cloud to impede the firework display, and that's the first time I've ever seen such a distant storm in this country. What a fascinating and surreal sight. Close Quarter Battle Has anyone seen this series about special forces and military tactics? Generally it's quite informative if not exactly gripping, but I had to laugh at the reconstruction of a French Foreign Legion attack on an airfield. They couldn't afford blanks and had to add barrel flashes with some cheesy special effects. Naturally. Tantrum of the Week "What gives him the right to use that title?" screeched some lady at the library earlier today, clearly outraged that her socialist sympathies were being ignored by legal rights and thousands of years of tradition and custom. Off with my head? Not around here lady. There's been a few people muttering darkly just lately. Not that it makes any difference. I'm entitled ,you see, and that's all there is to it.