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    History, in particular Ancient Rome (and then mainly the republic and the Punic Wars) and Aviation in general/Military Aircraft
  1. Macerinus

    Top Five fighters of WWII and why

    Hmm... P51d yes, FW 190 maybe, P47 debateable, Vought Corsair debatable. Which other piston engined fighters outperformed the Supermarine Spitfire? It depends very much on the period in WWII. The Hawker Tempest MK.V outperformed the Spitfire MK.Xs and XIV's easely. The FW190-D9 was a magnificent fighter. The late war Soviets weren't bad either, like the Lavockin La- 5 and La-7 or the Yakovlev Yak-3 These are all late war developments, In the early war period, The Messerschmitt Bf-109 D and E series definetly ruled the skies. If the Dutch Fokker G.I and the French Dewoitine D.520 could have proven itself longer in combat they would certainly have been magnificent. And of course let we not forget the most brilliant of them all, in capable hands, the Mitsubishi A6M-2 and -3 Zeke, what is lacked in armour it made up in beauty and extreme manouverability I can't think of any American fighter that really did it
  2. It doesn't look very drinkable Why on earth would one want to open it?
  3. Macerinus


    Wow, that is amazing... ....would love to have something like that as a wallpaper on my computer
  4. Macerinus

    Nazi Stealth Fighter

    Why does everyone call them Nazi's and not just Germans?
  5. I can't stop smiling when seeing this post
  6. Although it is on the other side of Belgium it shouldn't be to difficult by train I think, or about 2 hours by car, though the motorways around Brussels can be tricky How can we set this up easily? Open a new thread and add a poll with some dates? Cheers, Macerinus Erwin
  7. That is a very fun, and good idea.... ....How many people here are from this area? You, Damien from Brussels and Me from Gulpen (Limburg-NL)....any others
  8. Thank you for the link Damien, I will certainly visit the museum again between these dates.
  9. All info gathered, now I need to find good geographical data....

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      Auris Arrectibus

      Hi Macerinus,


      Waar ben je mee bezig, Germania Inferior?

      Daar hoor ik n

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      Zie PM...

      ...Antwoord werd een beetje lang :)

  10. Macerinus

    Amazing application Xanten in ancient times

    This is a most interesting website. I've seen animations like this in the Roman museum in Xanten, which is worth a visit. Interesting to see how quick the Rhine changes it's route over the years Thanks for sharing
  11. Macerinus

    Where Is Every One From?

    Achtenej inne holl
  12. Macerinus


    Hurray! Thank you Next in line: Copyright to whoever made the photograph ©
  13. Macerinus


    Constantine the great, outside York Minster?
  14. Macerinus


    If the first guess is the correct one it must have been an easy one It is indeed Vibia Sabina.... Over to you....
  15. Macerinus


    If I may be so bold....an easy one...: