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  1. Aquilifer

    What Ethnic Group Are You From?

    I live in Ireland, but my family was originally from Scotland. 100% Celtic either way. We remained unconquered!
  2. Aquilifer

    After The Charge!?

    What would happen to a cavalry rider who was unhorsed during the charge? Would he have been able to get to the main battle, or would he have been trampled? And once there, what would he have done?
  3. Aquilifer

    Rome & Christianity

    Thanks! Those articles look really interesting; I've only read the first one but I'll have a look at the others now.
  4. First the Romans crucified Christ, then they persecuted Christians, then the official religion of the Empire became Christianity. Why did attitudes change so dramatically? Why did Christianity spread so rapidly despite persecutions? Did the persecution of Christians in fact help it spread? Why has Christianity stayed when so many other religions in Roman times died out? Why did the Church stay even when Rome fell? I'd love to know what you think about Christianity and other religions in Roman times generally.
  5. Aquilifer

    Army Superstitions

    Thanks, that's all really helpful! The book also looks good, I'll see if it's available in the UK.
  6. Hi! Just wondering about superstitions they had in the army. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that they thought seeing an eagle was lucky because it was their standard, but I'm not sure if that's right or not. Do you know of any others? After a long search, I have finally found a map of Roman Britain! Unfortunately, I don't think half the towns marked on it were around by 60AD. Any websites I could get the dates of town developments? And finally, I've also been looking for books on the Roman army and Roman Britain. Are there any you can recommend? Thanks for all your help, it's invaluable!
  7. You're probably right - I don't really know much about them except for a bit of passing research on British legions. I've never really looked into them in detail - the site I was reading seemed to think they'd been cursed by Boudicca or something, so your explanation seems a lot more likely!
  8. Aquilifer


    This page has loads about lighting fires: http://www.greencastlemuseum.org/Special_E...e_and_light.htm
  9. Aquilifer


    Most of them were Tribunes, but apparently some rich parents wanted their kids to be Centurions. Maybe they didn't like them much and wanted them killed off... JOT, what did tribunes actually do?
  10. I reckon the Ninth too. For the worst, I mean. They marched into Valencia and never came back, as far as I can remember. I gather it was a pretty bad legion to begin with, and they probably mutinied.
  11. Aquilifer


    He comes from an equestrian class family, and apparently they used to get appointments in high ranks to start off with, so their military record looked good.
  12. Aquilifer

    Roman Questions

    Here's another couple of random questions: What were Roman books like? I assume they were scrolls, but how were they stored if there were lots of them? I'm thinking of stuff like the Odyssey, Iliad etc. Also, what about letters, like Paul's ones in the Bible? The other thing was, how did people store their things, like money and other personal belongings? Some books I've read say 'in the breast of their tunics' - how does that work? Did they just stuff things down their shirts?
  13. Hi! I found this site while researching Roman history for a novel I'm trying to write, about a Roman soldier in Britain at the time of the Boudiccan Revolt. It's been invaluable for answering questions about Roman Britain at the time, and I hope I don't annoy everyone by asking reams of questions...
  14. Aquilifer


    Thanks, that's really helpful! Thanks also for the site, it looks incredibly useful!
  15. Aquilifer


    I know it's probably unlikely that Paulinus got reinforcements from Rome, but for the sake of the story, my Centurion needs to be a new recruit at the time of the Anglesey battle And he needs to be from Rome, which complicates the whole thing further. Darn, that sounds complicated. Maybe I could just leave that whole bit out... They all seem to have come over in the Claudian force. I'm going to have to make an entire Cohort up, which is incredibly bad from a historical point of view. Thanks, I'll have a look for it. How would you get the legionaries to form a cohort? Would there be a station you could sign up at or something? Great, that's what I thought! What sort of ships would they be transported in? I've done a bit of research and can't find anything on Roman transports - all there seems to be is on slave galleys. Also, I assume that the journey to their posting would be the same as any other march. They slept in tents, didn't they? If they were passing through a fort though, would they have slept there or what? Just wondering because my Cohort is in Rutupiae in the bit I'm writing at the moment, having just got off the ship, and they're staying there for the night. Would this have happened? Would there even have been somewhere for them to sleep? Thanks guys for all your help, it's been invaluable! :notworthy: