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  1. Gaius Julius

    WIN!!! Legio XVII: Battle of Zama

    Thanks to the author for this giveaway. My question would be why you choose to write your novels during the time period of ancient rome.
  2. Gaius Julius

    Review Marathon - Five books on the Battle of Marathon

    I would love to get my hands on The Battle of Marathon in Scholarship, seems like a great book that covers such a long span of time of research!
  3. Gaius Julius

    Austria claims to have invented tartan kilts

    This bit of "news" reminds me of another story I came across awhile ago; I think it was on the Discovery channel (Canada). Apparently, some experts say they have "evidence" that lasagna was a medieval British invention, and not Italian; as is widely believed. Imagine that! There was some type of medieval dish, that used alot of the same ingredients as "Italian" lasagna.
  4. Gaius Julius

    Who says we can't learn from the past?

    I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but it seems that human beings; how ever far advanced they become, sometimes repeat the same "stupid" mistakes.
  5. Gaius Julius

    The Punic Wars

    I think its fair to say that Rome became the dominant power of the Mediterranean, after the Punic Wars. Rome truely became a nation, and was well on it's way to becoming a great empire too. Even though it suffered setbacks; Hannibal destroyed an army, or two, Rome had the resources (manpower, etc.), to recoup her losses. It would seem that the Roman capacity to endure hardship, was more than evident here. This quality would later serve Rome well, as she expanded her empire.
  6. Gaius Julius

    Itali - The Ancient "Italians"

    Thanks for the reply, primuspilus. I wasn't able to really find alot of info about the Itali. My guess, is they were probably closer to the Greeks, but they may have shared the same "Indo-European" ancestry of the Latins. Who really knows? As Rome expanded into the south, they were probably absorbed.
  7. Gaius Julius

    Roman Books listed in April

    Here's a few books that everyone may find interesting: 1. Rubicon - The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic - by Tom Holland 2. The Battle That Stopped Rome - by Peter S. Wells 3. Swords Against the Senate - by Erik Hildinger 4. Chronicle of the Roman Republic - by Philip Matyszak
  8. I was wondering if anyone could shed some more light on the Itali. From what little I know, they occupied the southern part of ancient Italy; in present day Calabria. Apparently, "Itali" comes from the word "vitulus", which means veal, or calf. After heavy Greek colonization of their lands, the Greeks named them "Italoi", which means "vitulus" in Greek. Thanks, Gaius Julius.
  9. Hello, all: This is a great site you have here; lots of great info. I meant to register much sooner, but life seems to get in the way sometimes. The other day, I was searching for some info on Gallia, and low, and behold I found myself on this website. Glad I ended up back here; very informative website. I'am more of an enthusiast of Roman history, as opposed to being a scholar of Roman history. I hope I can make some positive contributions to this forum. Also, I hope you all don't mind if I pester you with questions from time to time. Thankyou, Gaius Julius.