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  1. your english is very good! and im glad its not only certain countries that use this site!!
  2. Incitatus

    Greatest Roman Politician!

    thats right, thats proven in many societies in the ast. its why england and america now have democracys.
  3. Incitatus

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Fafnir happy birthday 2 u!!!
  4. Incitatus

    Your Ideal Empire!

    I would start an empire with me as emperor. I would make my army predominatly land based. I would strive constantly to make my empire bigger and as Julius Caesar said 'the best death is an unexpected one', I wouldnt care if i was assasinated just for the power that those sort of people had!!
  5. Incitatus

    Favourite Type Of Gladiator?

    They were used to celebrate marriages and birthdays as well as funeral games.
  6. Incitatus

    Greatest Roman Politician!

    yes, that does show some skill considering the senate would not give up that sort of powere easily.
  7. Incitatus

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    Politics doesn't invent anything, culture does!!!
  8. Incitatus


    Centurions could marry. Soldiers werent allowed to marry but had basic marriage services anyway.
  9. Incitatus

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    The Romans didn't actually have scientists though. They only had military engineers looking for military advances
  10. Incitatus

    Favourite Type Of Gladiator?

    But it was often made on religious occasions to honour the gods!
  11. Incitatus

    Greatest Roman Politician!

    Augustus must have been friendly with the senate, which shows good political skill, if he was acclaimed a god after his death!
  12. Incitatus

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    Yes thats a good point the chinese were very advanced, they invented gunpowder.
  13. Incitatus

    Why Did Romans Worship Gods?

    Yes, ive heard all that too. Part of what youre saying is tho that they tended to them out of fear not respect!!
  14. Incitatus

    Greatest Roman Politician!

    THis is a very interesting subject because everyone says who the greatest general was, but not politician!!!!!!! My favourite is Julius Caesar, but thats probably a biased opinion on how good a general he was!!!
  15. I disagree. Part of the cause of the fall was the split of the empire. Also a lot of the leaders were mad or power stupid. The normal hardworking roman can't have changed that much either