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  1. Eumachia

    Where Is Every One From?

    From Europe, a neighbouring country to Russia.
  2. Eumachia

    If You Could Meet One Roman Emperor

    Poor Claudius wasn't a very charismatic emperor, but his interest and knowledge in history would make him an interesting person to meet and discuss with. And I also have a feeling that he probably was the kindest of them all.
  3. Eumachia

    Ancient Homosexuality

    Don't want to be petty but Julius Caesar was actually married 3 times. His first wife was Cornelia, the mother of his daughter Julia.
  4. Eumachia

    Forum User Names

    My username comes from a rich woman in Pompeii.
  5. Eumachia

    Conn Iggulden Books

    No doubt he's a good writer, but I just can't stand it when people change historical facts as much as he does in these books.
  6. Eumachia

    Roman Bloodlines

    The Julio-Claudians were of old Roman blood and according to Suetonius both Augustus and Nero had blond hair. All their statues also portray people with European features.