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  1. marcus brutus

    How Did You Come Across This Site

    i was on one of my roman army binge when i stumbled in here i was so excited then it started to go.
  2. marcus brutus

    Rome Total Realism

    u know the mod rome totel realisem.is it any good, do the roman armys look better are there better units.
  3. marcus brutus

    Conn Iggulden Books

    just wondering if anyone read the conn igulden books u know the emperor books like gates of rome,death of kings, and feild of swords.i love those books
  4. marcus brutus

    All Types Of Solders

    thanks primus pilus.
  5. ive been trying to think of all the types of roman military men, i know theres (ill probley spell these wrong) haista, triarii, preatoren, equites,etc. i would also like to know of the gladiators i know what most of them were just ,just not their names.
  6. would diffrent factions have diffrent types of armor for the troops with diffrent colurs and such, such as the house of ceaser would have diffrent armor than the house of pompey....
  7. marcus brutus

    Roman Cavalry

    i love the conn igulden books even though ther not historicly acurate. would everyone stop talking bout my speliong(i kow i got that word wrong) mistakes,
  8. does anyone know of a type of romen cavelry called the extraordinarii i think its a rank though.
  9. marcus brutus

    Military Styles

    id say bout 50\70 years after the marius reforms
  10. marcus brutus


    the big mystery did nero burn rome, it is said he was playing the fiddle while rome was burning but he didnt know how, he wasnt even in rome at the time.it was started after his death by rivels. he is know to be somewhat mad though
  11. marcus brutus

    Had Carthage ever a chance?

    very true. but what bout a landing in sicaly its not far from carthege
  12. marcus brutus

    Mithridates "the Great"?

    mithadates was a greek king deafeted by sulla, but sulla let him live BIG mistake years later he started a rebelion and destroyed a lot of citys but his second in command was killed by ceaser
  13. marcus brutus


    the truth my friend is not preety.iwas reading a book called emperor gates of rome by ionn calging and brutus was in it i grew found of him and started reasearching him. and dont worry when i grow up i dont want to kill ceaser
  14. marcus brutus

    Had Carthage ever a chance?

    im young so forgive me if this is stupid, but if i were hannibel i would have built up my navy and land my troops near the port of capua.instead of sending them to there deaths in the alps
  15. marcus brutus


    yes he was naive.but a great fighter all the same