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  1. Tytonidae Alba


    Barca Hannibal, "Father of Strtegy" Principle Wars: Conquest of Spain Second Punic War Priciple Battles: Siege of Saguntum The Tricinus The Trebbia Lake Trasimene Cannae Zama I like him beause he defied the impossible by bringing elephants over the Alps and he tore Rome a new one! I would give his a 97 out of 100
  2. Tytonidae Alba

    Forum User Names

    I chose Tytonidae Alba because it means "Pure Teacher" and because it is the scientific name of my favourite animal the Barn Owl.
  3. How much of English do you think is related or derived from Latin?
  4. Tytonidae Alba

    Why Did Romans Worship Gods?

    I think the Romans worshiped gods because they could blame them if a war was lost, or the crops failed to grow. They also instilled a sense of hope that if you pleased them they would bless and protect you.
  5. You also have to consider the slave revolution that had weakend the armies, and the plauge that came from Germany, and the strength of Attila and his Hunnic warriors.