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  1. Metella

    Has anyone read Julia Annas?

    I love your take on this .... while I can't add anything to the subject you are trying to learn about - I would like to add about the tangent .... I knew a chick that went to Harvard - she was dumb as brick - but was in there because her dad went and he had a ton of money. She snorted coke and would be happy sitting all day staring out the window. She was a lovey thing. She graduated with a degree from Harvard and that wrangled her a rich husband .... end of her life -story. I have no respect for the name of Harvard ... if anyone throws that around, they have an even bigger hurtle to overcome to gain my respect. Shame what humans do for greed and money - on both sides of this sad story of a waste of a pretty human form.
  2. Metella

    Corn vs Grain Dole vs American Indians

    humph. Well I don't like the loosey-goosey use of that word .... So the Romans would have used their Latin word for grain, yes ? It is only our modern usage that has done this ? I ask because of my writing - and I want to use grain - but didn't want to miss some fine point. My book is from a Roman Republic point of view ... so I am thinking grain ....
  3. Well ... I had been under the impression that Europeans had never encountered corn aka maize .... until coming to the American contenent. Why am I reading in multiple books - some published in the 1960s and some up to recently - that mention the corn in the field and corn in other aspects near or in Roma ? Wouldn't it be barley and other grains of that type ? What the heck, eh?
  4. Metella

    Michael the Syrian

    Back to the maps again - those maps are too busy visually .... Oh well. What is Cappodocia called now ? I am no good at this map compare thing - again - it is a spacial deficiency that I have.
  5. Metella

    Roman Ciphers

    I read somewhere about a general who used cyphers with scrolls .... but I can't remember the details of how it was symbolized ..... argh .... good topic, I'd love to hear more. I know, of course, they had nightly passwords for camp guards ... but written instructions were used to communicate long distance, and I wish I could remember the example I read.
  6. YES ! I think you hit the balance exactly - and they would be gathering info from scouts during campains .... which would be tempory, but spacial and relative .... Still - I like this map and now I want even more .... I want this EXACT map with the current names in small font under what the Republicans called those cities. and I want it now, eh?
  7. But what about the gay dudes ? I can only offer an opinion about American views - and that is general - with many exceptions ..... but I think Americans have been intolerante of gays not due to religion, but due to an odd outlook on what it is to be a man if you are not rich or of a ruling class family. They really aren't good at being honorable - so to draw attention away from them and their own weakness - they lash out verbally and physcially at gay men. They just make fun of lesbians unless they are pretty. I've never hear the phrase Abrahamic Faiths before ... but I would say they came about because cultured aliens trying to help us learn to become civilized realized most population groups were not advanced enough to understand, so they pretended they were gods and taught morality and standards and other nice things .... which the Abrahamic fools twisted and mudded until it was fine with them to kill and torture anyone who didn't follow exactly how the preacher of the day said the "word of god" was meant to be followed. They are only bested at intolerance by Islam - but then, that is still the Abrahamic Faiths, yes? Wish those aliens would come back now and say now - but that was all you could understand at the time, now snap out of it and work with us to make this planet a better place to live.
  8. This map is the type I have been looking for - for a long time ! How great to see it here ... as I am not fluent in spacial interpretation of these things from word to map .... Whose map is it ? and can I use the image in an upcoming historical fiction ? It would ease the readers ... as I just give up and let them figure it out if they care enough.
  9. Metella

    What's the last book you read?

    Yes - so far I like it - I am 1/2 way in .... this is more like what I wanted from a historical fiction. All kudos to the Falco series for being set in a nice time, but I am not a fan of the style.
  10. Metella

    Once more ...

    ha ha ha I don't even know what ablative is ... good luck
  11. Metella

    What's the last book you read?

    I just loaded up .... the first 3 books in Marius' Mules ... and Gladiatrix Starting in on two at once, I'm a glutton for Roman stories.
  12. Metella

    Ancient Roman Meals

    Thanks ! going to watch it tomorrow ... nearly out of bandwidth for the night. This will help me to set the ambiance for my novel ... the little things make it feel real.
  13. Metella

    Once more ...

    I'm jealous too ! I'd love to learn latin - I only read some words (science) but I don't really know how they are pronouced or the way to make it an acutal speaking language. Maybe when I retire too !
  14. Metella

    UNRV's brainchild is born

    For anyone who is part of this forum - I will give a deep discount on my editing services for novels. I am a freelance editor and I make my living editing novels. Going over to amazon right now ! Congrats! a finished novel is a great thing.
  15. Metella

    Anthony Burgess' "The Kingdom of the Wicked"

    I have not - what type of style - flavor are the books? While I don't mind the Davis series, it is pertty modern in implications of how the characters think and such. I still enjoy them ... They just don't feel that authentic to me.