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Found 2 results

  1. I wonder whether to propose a project research in a Archaeology PhD about logistics in the Roman Army, especially from the Second Punit War to the 1st century AD. I'd like to focus on the food production and how the legions managed food supply during campaigns, so I'd compare an example from the Middle Republic (Second Punic War) and one from the principate (campaign against the Germans, likely). I know that there are some good books about logistics, like The Logistics of the Roman Army at War and Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army, that even if it's not about the Roman period provides tons of information about the logistics of an ancient army. Do you know other books, maybe focusing on the archaeological evidences?
  2. lothia

    Moving the Roman army

    I am beginning research on a novel that begans with Theodosius's departure from Constantinopolis and culminates with the battle of Frigidus. Like my first novel, "Promotus" concerning Alaric in the Rhodopes, I want to use this novel as an avenue to both entertain and to educate the reader. Since most of the novel will play out during the march, I am in need of information about moving an army that large across a friendly landscape. There is quite a bit of discussion on RAT about the Roman Army marching camps, but those, I assume were built, used, and dismantled while traveling in hostile territory. The campaign against Eugenius and Arbogast was not a spur of the moment decision, so I am assuming that the Praetorian Praefect (I think that was Rufinus at this date) had been directed to stockpile fodder and rations along the planned route. I bought the book "Logistics of the Macedonian Army" which gives good detail on how an army that large was moved, but Alexander sacrificed the carrying capacity of oxen for the speed and mobility of mules in his logistics plan. Do you guys think that Theodosius would have used oxen and be limited to twelve miles a day, or relied solely on mules for material transport? I assume Alaric and his Goths joined and traveled as part of the army somewhere along the route. I suppose they used their own transport, wagons probably, to carry their own material, and I assume they formed their traditional carrago camps each night. Any information or sources of information (books for instance) would be appreciated. As always, Thank you guys in advance.